2 April 2016

Phran - Handprints (buy

Tone Of Arc - Sunddust (buy)

DJ Slyngshot - Ain't Got No Time (Japan Blues Remix) (buy)

Rouge Mécanique - Positions (buy)

Inland - Footstone (buy)

Percussions - Digital Arpeggios (buy)

The Pilotwings - Dracaufeu (buy)

19 March 2016


Dorisburg - Insvept (buy)

Disco Halal - Mitrin (Dogu Civcik Edit) (buy)

Kitkatone - Rymae (buy)

Toresch - Quedarte (buy)

Seixlack - Damas (buy)

Disco Halal - Zaffa (Autarkic Edit) (buy)

Dorisburg - Sagofabrik (buy)

Rex Ilusivii - Moon Cage - Annex 01 (buy)

4 March 2016

Rutes - Why Don't You ? (buy)

Listening Center - Psychic Work (buy)

DJ Slyngshot - They Still Can't Grasp It (buy)

James West - Option_Select (buy)

DJ Phlowgod - Anthem (buy)

Colonel Abrams - You Got Me Running (buy)

Rutes - Tick Tack (buy)

The Gnocchi - Summer Hard (buy)

26 February 2016


SPK - Will To Power (buy)

Lerosa - Il Nostro Tempo (buy)

Hesperius Draco - Tronitum Domini (buy)

Luigi Tozzi - Cohuätl (buy)

Russell Haswell - Hardwax Flashback (Powell 'Cov Megamix') (buy)

Stranger - Highest Sense (buy)

Boston 168 - Oblivion (buy)

Antigone & Francois X - Journey Home (buy)

OCH - First Contact (buy)

Bulb - Light It Up (buy)

N.A.D - Flight Of The Navigator (buy)

Nico Motte - Tacotac (buy)

Tolouse Low Trax - Kadiz (buy)

15 February 2016

Kza - Untitled 1 (buy)

Lo Shea - Northern Lights (buy)

DJ Wey - Emily (buy)

TX Connect - Breaking (buy)

Chris Mitchell - Descendants (buy) 

Savage Grounds - Motoric (buy)

Slam - Cirklon Bells (Len Faki Remix) (buy)

Bxentric - Patch Valley (buy)

Leafar Legov - Ladder (buy)

5 February 2016


Rhythmic Theory - Forgotten Realms (buy)

ASOK - Perspective (buy)

Il Est Vilaine - Surf Rider (buy)

Simo Cell - Meteor Racer (buy)

The Maghreban - Dynamite! (buy)

Jascha Hagen - Pan That Shit Out Of Your Brain (buy

Ninos Du Brasil - Algo Ou Alguem Entre As Arvores (buy)

Albion - Pyramids (buy)

MMT - Alamooga (buy)    

Cratebug - Deputy Of Love (buy)

15 January 2016


David Bowie - Sound And Vision

Map.ache - Give Peace A Change (buy)

Lord Of The Isles - Xit (buy)

Alex Smoke - Straits (buy)

Brighton - Haze Maze (buy)

Ftp-Up - Mogadishu (buy)

Seixlack - Seu Lugar é o Cemitério (buy)

Sandman - Knu (buy)

Sandman - Masact (buy)

Aufgang B - Demo 3 (buy)

Gene  Hunt - OW (Drum Beat) (buy)

CP/BW - Immaculate Macula (buy)

Albinos - Ultra Heaven (buy)

Mattheis - Ben_m (buy)

Mattheis - LS (buy)

18 December 2015

Probably the last post for the year

Stanislav Tolkachev - Optical Illusions (buy)

Stasis - Disco 4000 (Witness The Future) (buy)

Spacetravel - Galactic (buy)

Mad Rey - Hard Ferailleurs (buy)

OB Ignitt & Luke Hess - Jefferson Reserve (buy)

Stasis - So-lar (buy)

Obalski - Bumblebee (buy)

Stanislav Tolkachev - Suddenly I Realised (buy)

....as for my favourite song of 2015

Reckonwrong - Hansie

See you on the other side...

1 December 2015

Rings Around Saturn - Gipsy Village (buy)

Stump Valley - Sunshine Hotel (buy)

Max Mcferren - Hunting (buy)

Dust - Moth On Fire (buy)

Inigo Kennedy - Clarion Call (buy)

Dario Zenker - There Is Hope (buy)

J Velez - Hydrocution (buy)

Andrea - Outlines (buy)

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Lose Yourself (buy)

Alvin Aronson - Drone Techno (buy)

Edy Alta - First Sign Of Artifice (buy)


12 November 2015

Vagon Brei - The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out (buy)

Jeremy Hyman - Machine Stops (Edit) (buy)

I:Cube - Prepgav, Pt. 1 (buy)

Gonno - The Worst Day Ever (buy)

Die Verboten - Dafalganger (buy)

Marshall Applewhite - Advance Beyond Human (buy

Cute Heels - Madame Counselor (buy)

Planetary Assault Systems - Hama Static (buy)

Answer Code Request - Calm Down (buy)

Dinky - Planes (buy)

Dollkraut - Valium (buy

Kasra V - Last Order (buy)

Joel Graham - Geomancy (buy)

Vagon Brei - 80861M (buy)

4 November 2015

Night Musik - Hard To Tell (buy)

Frak - Radiant Dominance (buy)

Dungeon Acid - Tiger Claw (buy)

L Neils - Untitled B (buy)

TMO - Melodic Jam (buy)

MAW Electronic - Body (buy)

Franklin De Costa - Retreat (buy)

JMMF - Newmanos (buy)

Moscoman - Machintosh (Moscoman Edit) (buy)

25 October 2015


Herron - Feet First (buy)

Torben - Fresh Brown Birkenstocks Kickin' Your Ass (buy)

Marvin Horsch - Deen (buy)

Acid Arab - Mogador (Club Version) (buy)

Eduardo De La Calle - Fromat Times (buy)

CCO - Soyouz (buy)

Enhanced - Phlop (buy)

Red Axes - Der Sexa (buy)

5 October 2015

The Horn - Villager (buy)

The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Landing To Solaria (buy)

Khidja - Infinita (buy)

An-i & Capablanca - Farsi Farce (buy)

The Stallion - Hope (M.W. Edit) (buy)

Moscoman - Deluded Heart (buy)

Klanken - Twee (buy)

The Wall - Fire (M.W. Cut) (buy)

HBNG - Looking 4 Trouble (buy)

Mariah - Soko Kara... (buy

28 September 2015

Tlim Shug - Surf Dude (buy)

T.B. Arthur - B2 (buy)

Romans - Delmenium (buy)

T.B. Arthur - B1 (buy)

Tempel Rytmik - Aguirre (buy)

24 September 2015

Ivan Smagghe - Maynard (buy)

Nick Holder Feelin' Sad (buy)

Jonas Palzer - No Comply (buy)

Jamal Moss - Track 1 (buy)

Octo Octa - When Home (buy)

Mogollar - Cigrik (FOC Edits Rework) (buy)

Ivan Smagghe - Rendez-Vous Vorace (Plein Soleil Edit) (buy)

18 September 2015

This post is bookended by Aggressive Advertising

John Cameron - Corporate Identity 1

Tamas Jones - Heat Of The Moment (buy)

Bleaching Agent - Static Renegade (buy)

Corey James - Superstition Mtn (buy)

DC - Space Pressure (buy)

Flørist - Final Bounce (buy)

Tommy Vicari Jnr - Volatiles PT1 (buy)

Yoshinori Hayashi - Carcass Of Tags  (buy)

Big Cherry - Come In Bonzo (buy)

Alan Hawkshaw - Good Thinking

16 September 2015

A selection of tracks from some wonderful recent split 12"s

Tina Wantirna - Untitled (buy)

Amato - Physique (buy

Tzusing - King Of System (buy

Sleep D - Vermondo Vermango (buy

Jimmy Edgar  - Frequency (buy)

Trus'me & Curses - Eye On The Prize (buy)

10 September 2015

A minimal touch

33.10.3402 - Syg (buy)

Konrad Black - Sycho Te Alyn (buy)

Delta Funktionen - Wasteland (buy)

4 September 2015


Kuba Sojka - Revolution (buy

Repo Man - Open Green (buy)

Autechre - Nine (Edit) (buy

Sankt Göran Presenterar Slobban - Funkig Gura Med Hus (buy)

Lipelis - Weirdshit Xu Paelk (ft. Simple Symmetry) (buy)

Asan - German Film Score (buy)

28 August 2015


500 Stamps - Relics Of Victory (buy)

Leonardo Martelli - Leonardo (buy)

Prequel - Chant For You (buy)

Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound - A Untitled (buy)

David Vunk & Mario CYBX-010 Gucci - Dikke Pep (buy)

Frak - Nerve Netting (buy)

Karen Gwyer - Shit List With Kid (buy)

Tuning Circuits - No Compassion (No Compassion Version) (buy)

Will Flisk - Silent Running (buy)

St. Julien - Evenbud (feat. Budgie) (buy

23 August 2015

R-Zone - You Wear The Mark Of The Beast (buy)

Benedikt Frey - Mind The Gap (buy)

Annanan - Willis (buy)

Nitam - Retold (buy)

Eiskalte Engel - Mach Mich Nicht An, Mann (Albion Remix) (buy)

R-Zone - Broken Pyramid (buy)

11 August 2015


 Pic: Josh Keyes

Adesse Versions - Ghosts (buy)

Cliff Lothar - Tugeda (Kid Gloves Off Mix) (buy)

Hunee - Hiding The Moon (buy)

2 August 2015



Duckett - Ewloe Drive (buy)

Pablo Mateo - A1 (buy)

POV - R-Type III (buy)

VC-118A - Central Zone (buy)

22 July 2015

Pic: The Burundi Datalab Project

Paralel Disko -Panayır Gunu (buy)

Bodem - Malfunktion (buy)

Oklo Gabon - City Gym (buy)

Jared Wilson - Ghostminers 9 (buy)

Luis CL - Sick (buy)

Bodem - Hassle (buy)

Nicuri - Holding The Four Wall (buy)

Afacan - Ooh Oooh (buy)

17 July 2015

Juanpablo & Sneaker - A New Obscurity (buy)

House Mannequin - Sunstream (buy)

Compassion Crew - Achievement Rallies Success (buy)

KiNK - Diversion (buy)

Compassion Creww - VHSS (buy)

House Mannequin - URL (buy

Will & Held - Ours (buy)

CCO - Pale Distant Lights (buy)


Japa Habilidoso - Funk Do Sindicalismo (buy)

Plus Instruments - 13 Sailors (buy

3 July 2015


Pic: For those who remember

Ajukaja & Andrevski - Looking For Something That's Not There (buy)

Cobblestone Jazz - Northern Lights (buy)

DeepChord - Undercover Version II (buy)

Michal Wolski - Magma (Fluxion Remix) (buy)

Tissu - Ground Loop (buy)

Black Point - Give Up (buy)

Bessiekat - Zvezdnaya (buy)

The Maghreban - MT705 (buy)

Endamisi Salamisi - Ho Lotta Slap (buy)

Maoupa Mazzocchetti - O Horror Na (buy)

27 June 2015

Festival Season isn't it.

Dolo Percussion - Dolo 5 (buy)

Matthias Reilling - Outpace (buy)

Point G - Air (buy)

L.F.T. - Escorial Dreams (Benedikt Frey Remix) (buy)

L.F.T. - Janus Head (buy)

Oceanic - Hidden Bero (Mattheis Remix) (buy)

Posthuman - Inside You (buy)

Dolo Percussion - Dolo 8 (buy)

Tim Zawada - Go Deeper (buy)

20 June 2015


The Pagan Rites - Every Mauser & Browning (buy)

Doubt - Web Of Mind (buy)

Morgan Louis - Only1 (buy)

O. Xander - Lovers Theme (buy)

VoX LoW - Something Is Wrong (buy)

Lyfe - Angry People (buy

CVbox & Micha Freier - Blinking Lights (buy)

Morgan Louis - Not U (buy)

Brassfoot - Senza Nome (buy)

14 June 2015

It's been over a year since I made my last mix - here is a new one full of every kind of music I like. The tracklist should be included in the file download. I hope you enjoy it - if not then that's fine.

Included may be....

Air Of Gloom - Meditation (Astro Mix) (buy)

Kord - Bag So Blue (buy)

Mystic Jungle - Saturday Night Cuts (buy)

A nod to the future
A nod to the past
A nod to the nothing

9 June 2015

Daze - Neuromance (buy)

Eduardo De La Calle - Sri Sri Ragendra DAS (buy)

Raw M.T. - Essence (buy)

Minor Science - Closing Acts (buy)

Roberto Auser - The Force (buy)