28 August 2015


500 Stamps - Relics Of Victory (buy)

Leonardo Martelli - Leonardo (buy)

Prequel - Chant For You (buy)

Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound - A Untitled (buy)

David Vunk & Mario CYBX-010 Gucci - Dikke Pep (buy)

Frak - Nerve Netting (buy)

Karen Gwyer - Shit List With Kid (buy)

Tuning Circuits - No Compassion (No Compassion Version) (buy)

Will Flisk - Silent Running (buy)

St. Julien - Evenbud (feat. Budgie) (buy

23 August 2015

R-Zone - You Wear The Mark Of The Beast (buy)

Benedikt Frey - Mind The Gap (buy)

Annanan - Willis (buy)

Nitam - Retold (buy)

Eiskalte Engel - Mach Mich Nicht An, Mann (Albion Remix) (buy)

R-Zone - Broken Pyramid (buy)

11 August 2015


 Pic: Josh Keyes

Adesse Versions - Ghosts (buy)

Cliff Lothar - Tugeda (Kid Gloves Off Mix) (buy)

Hunee - Hiding The Moon (buy)

2 August 2015



Duckett - Ewloe Drive (buy)

Pablo Mateo - A1 (buy)

POV - R-Type III (buy)

VC-118A - Central Zone (buy)

22 July 2015

Pic: The Burundi Datalab Project

Paralel Disko -Panayır Gunu (buy)

Bodem - Malfunktion (buy)

Oklo Gabon - City Gym (buy)

Jared Wilson - Ghostminers 9 (buy)

Luis CL - Sick (buy)

Bodem - Hassle (buy)

Nicuri - Holding The Four Wall (buy)

Afacan - Ooh Oooh (buy)

17 July 2015

Juanpablo & Sneaker - A New Obscurity (buy)

House Mannequin - Sunstream (buy)

Compassion Crew - Achievement Rallies Success (buy)

KiNK - Diversion (buy)

Compassion Creww - VHSS (buy)

House Mannequin - URL (buy

Will & Held - Ours (buy)

CCO - Pale Distant Lights (buy)


Japa Habilidoso - Funk Do Sindicalismo (buy)

Plus Instruments - 13 Sailors (buy

3 July 2015


Pic: For those who remember

Ajukaja & Andrevski - Looking For Something That's Not There (buy)

Cobblestone Jazz - Northern Lights (buy)

DeepChord - Undercover Version II (buy)

Michal Wolski - Magma (Fluxion Remix) (buy)

Tissu - Ground Loop (buy)

Black Point - Give Up (buy)

Bessiekat - Zvezdnaya (buy)

The Maghreban - MT705 (buy)

Endamisi Salamisi - Ho Lotta Slap (buy)

Maoupa Mazzocchetti - O Horror Na (buy)

27 June 2015

Festival Season isn't it.

Dolo Percussion - Dolo 5 (buy)

Matthias Reilling - Outpace (buy)

Point G - Air (buy)

L.F.T. - Escorial Dreams (Benedikt Frey Remix) (buy)

L.F.T. - Janus Head (buy)

Oceanic - Hidden Bero (Mattheis Remix) (buy)

Posthuman - Inside You (buy)

Dolo Percussion - Dolo 8 (buy)

Tim Zawada - Go Deeper (buy)

20 June 2015


The Pagan Rites - Every Mauser & Browning (buy)

Doubt - Web Of Mind (buy)

Morgan Louis - Only1 (buy)

O. Xander - Lovers Theme (buy)

VoX LoW - Something Is Wrong (buy)

Lyfe - Angry People (buy

CVbox & Micha Freier - Blinking Lights (buy)

Morgan Louis - Not U (buy)

Brassfoot - Senza Nome (buy)

14 June 2015

It's been over a year since I made my last mix - here is a new one full of every kind of music I like. The tracklist should be included in the file download. I hope you enjoy it - if not then that's fine.

Included may be....

Air Of Gloom - Meditation (Astro Mix) (buy)

Kord - Bag So Blue (buy)

Mystic Jungle - Saturday Night Cuts (buy)

A nod to the future
A nod to the past
A nod to the nothing

9 June 2015

Daze - Neuromance (buy)

Eduardo De La Calle - Sri Sri Ragendra DAS (buy)

Raw M.T. - Essence (buy)

Minor Science - Closing Acts (buy)

Roberto Auser - The Force (buy)

26 May 2015


Naum Gabo - Fyei (buy)

Simic - Untitled #4 (buy)

FBK - Past Ownership (buy)

Legowelt - Anaconda Flow (buy)

Dwig - True Story (buy)

BNJMN - Luster (buy)

Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra - Liza (Sexican Version In C 5) (buy)

19 May 2015

http://krossfingers.comPic: Krossfingers

Ben Buitendijk - First Magnitude (buy)

Dave DK - Smukke Lyde (buy)

Developer - Volume 1.4 (buy)

Dave DK - Coolette (buy)

Taken - Terrorfish (buy)

Broken English Club - Ritual Killing (buy)

Massimo Di Lena - Hardlife (buy)

Diffuse Arc - Reversible Process (buy)

Jichael Mackson - Foxdevilswild (buy)

7 May 2015

Wbeeza - Psychosomatic (buy)

Dartr//x - Paris, Tokyo So Far (buy)

Nu Zau - Fortuit (buy)

Chris Moss Acid - Phantacy (buy

Nitejams - A1 (buy)

Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie  - The Glitch (buy)

Wbeeza - Just Trust Me (buy)

Burns & Hawk - Cement Truck With Pretty Eyelashes (buy)

Bufiman - Kalvier (buy)

12 April 2015

Phono Ghosts - When We Were Fifteen (buy)

Die Roh - Paper Plan (Dub) (buy)

Shine Grooves - Sky Blue (buy)

RJ - Leo (buy)

S.O.N.S. - Tribute To The Truth (buy)

SYS - Spitting Force (buy)

Somewhen - Ecsit (buy)

Visonia - Fake Smiles (buy)

22 March 2015

Reckonwrong - Hansie (buy)

Palmbomen II - Lorraine Kelleher (buy)

Len Leise - A Bend In The River (buy)

Palmbomen II - John Lee Roche (buy)

Reckonwrong - Morton (buy)

21 March 2015

Dubspeeka - Primary K272 (buy)

The Maghreban - Green Apple (buy)

Reckonwrong - Blood From A Stone (buy)

Gohan - Onlookers Murmur (buy)

16 March 2015


Editions Haighton - Void People (buy)

Yse Saint Laur'ant - Bow Legged Robot (buy)

Editions Haighton - Jm Beats (And The Night Goes On) (buy)

6 March 2015


Patronen - Fleder (buy)

Akwaaba - Mumunde (buy)

Fit Sound - Carmine (buy)

Michael Ferragosto - Episodo (buy)

Patronen - Karlsruhe Nach Basel (buy)

21 February 2015

Cosby - Gold Coast (buy)

Gay Marvine - Nightclubbing

L/F/D/M - Black Shadows (buy)

Trances - 5 (buy)

Dva Damas - Theme For Silence (buy)

Dollkraut - Hier Soll Es Toller Sein (buy)

Cosby - Veil (Version) (buy)

4 February 2015

Rolando Simmons - Home Alone 4 (buy)

Antoni Maiovvi - The Lovers (buy)

The Cyclist - Flourish (buy)

Thomas Scholz - Mimesis (Rampue Remix) (buy)

STL - Timeblind (buy)

Fit Of Body - Emotional Subject (REKchampa Remix) (buy)

Rolando Simmons - Montignac (buy)

28 January 2015


Pic: Eva Schindling (Cinematic Particles)

Merrin Karras - The Veldt (buy)

Lutto Lento - The Boat That Can Leave Now (buy)

Orbe - Bromothymol Blue (buy)

myr. - Nobody Knows (buy)

Lutto Lento - Prima Porta (buy)

Mick Chillage - Only In My Dreams (buy)

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23 January 2015

Fishermen - Psyko Bath (Club Mix) (buy)

Blacknecks - Don't Dream It Be It (buy)

Enchanté - I Want It (buy)

Art Crime - Release (buy)

Answer Code Request - Transit (buy)

Richard H Kirk - Never Lose Your Shadow (buy)

Broken English Club - Divinity (buy)

Junes - Root Pattern (buy)

An-I - Gutz (buy)

Iron Galaxy - Came & Went (buy)

10 January 2015

Thank you for following Keytars & Violins

Here is the directory for many years worth of mp3's and images posted


I hope you have enjoyed the ride

It is now my intention to resume normal posting in the coming weeks as we enter a new phase in online music discovery.

The new generation has streaming but we still have MP3.

Thank you for following. If you have any suggestions, ideas or criticisms please direct them to keytarsandviolins@gmail.com where I will be logged in and waiting with renewed enthusiasm.


13 November 2014

Dan White - Death Flutes (buy)

Croatian Armor - Tonic Water Bridge (buy)

MRSK - Less Youth (Culture Mix) (buy)

Spoiled Drama - The Dark Passenger (buy)

Unknown Artist - Untitled (buy)

7 November 2014

Antoni Maiovvi - Cold Confession (buy)

KEL - Chiral (buy)

Dance - Heyvalva Heyvalva Hey (buy)

29 October 2014

Jordan GCZ - Digitalis (buy)

The Maghreban - Amok Time (buy)

Trevino - To The Core (buy)

Adesse Versions - Justified (buy)

Ugly Drums - Get Up (Edit) (buy)

Willikers - AHF 

Stingray313 - Armchair Psychiatrist (buy)

Matias Aguayo - Run Away From The Sun (buy)

23 October 2014

Lory D - MT100 (buy)

SVN ft Paleo - On Tempo (buy)

Hermans - Dread Baron (buy)

Gravats - Îlot (Claves) (buy)

Terriers - House No 9 / Stardragon (buy)

14 August 2014

The music for sunny days and late, late nights.

MP - You Don't Know Me (buy)

Mikael - Seifu - Yarada Lij (buy)

Morgan Buckley - Call Incoming (buy)

Morgan Buckley - Weather Report (buy)

Marvin Horsch - Pace (buy)

N.M.O. - Parasomething (buy)

Imre Kiss - Raw Energy (Arpos Session) (buy)

The Normalmen - Invasion 271 (buy)

Alan Fitzpatrick - Memories Of A Time Once Past But Long Forgotten (buy)

Deru - The Future Never Comes (buy)

12 July 2014

Aluminium / Rabenmutter#11 by James Rand on Mixcloud

It's always a pleasure to welcome long time favourites back on to the blog, especially when they can supply a mix as sublime and timeless as this. In what seems like a lifetime ago, Liverpool (now London based) DJ James Rand kindly put together an earlier instalment of his Rabenmutter series. Four years, six mixes and a conspiration of events later, James brings us Aluminium / Rabenmutter#11 - a nod to most things Germanic. Check out the tracklist and enjoy a perfectly executed non-conformists view on what sounds good, then, now and 'til who knows when.

1. Atom TM - Ich Bin Meine Maschine [Raster Norton]
2. Mike Dehnert - Emlo [Delsin]
3. Vondelpark - California Analog Dream (Robag's Habay Latoff NB) [R & S]
4. Edmundy - Nadir [Borft]
5. Unit 4 - Bodydub - Freak Electrique Acid Dub [Clone]
6. John Roberts - Ausio [Dial]
7. LoSoul - You Know (SuperMayer Remix) [Playhouse]
8. Tiga - Good As Gold (Instrumental Mix) [Different]
9. Matrixxman - Amulet [Spectral Sound]
10. Supermayer - Two Of Us [Kompakt]
11. Marcell Dettman - Lightworks [Ostgut Ton]
12. DJ Koze - Let’s Help Me [Kompakt]


Here is a further selection of music that you will not regret listening to.

Unknown Artist - Blanc 2 (buy)

Manfredas - Uumellmahaye (buy)

Xenogears - Multiverse (buy)

Steffi & Dexter - Rosser (buy)

Petre Inspirescu - Talking Waters (buy)

Gunnar Haslam - Demoninazione Version (buy)

It's been a while since I have fled these shores. We will now be going to Croatia for Dimensions Festival in Pula at the end of August. Might do a preview of some of the artists in the lead up to it. Seriously excited. Hope to see you there.