27 March 2014

Luke Wyatt - Camaro  Husk (buy

Max Graef - Bummse (Glenn Astro Rebumms) (buy)

Alex Coulton - Pointe Noire (buy)

Ratchett Traxxx - Nut On U (buy)

E.E.K. - Live Jam 1

21 March 2014

Pic: Laura Ann Huber

Tambien - Overheater (buy)

Ozka - Highway At Night (buy)

Ozka - Kaleidoscopes (buy)

Tom Dicicco - No Sympathy (buy)

Samaan - Merchants & Missionaries (buy)

Cliff Lothar - Murked Out (buy)

Perseus Traxx - Fresh Start (buy)

14 March 2014

Forgotten ftp password

An-i - Kino-i (mix) (buy)

Vid Vai - The Daytripper (buy)

JM De Frias - The Light (buy)

Pender Street Steppers - Bubble World (buy)

Alan Fitzpatrick - Confessions Of A Wanted Man (buy)


23 February 2014

Pic: Michelle Grabner via Benjamin Catteau

Wolf Muller - Dickicht (buy)

Jordan GCZ - Crybaby J (buy)

Sololust - Total Loss (buy)

Details - 1981 1981 1981 1981 (buy)

In Aeternam Vale - Ultrabase (buy)

Submersible Machines - Isobaths (buy)

Rude 66 - Answers Always Come In Dreams (buy)

Makoto - A Spiritual Thing (buy)

19 January 2014

Pic: Okimi

Genuinely excited about Bruta Non Calculant. LP Coming soon

Bruta Non Calculant - Aujourd'hui (buy)

Bruta Non Calculant - Oro In El Crisol (buy)

Bruta Non Calculant - The Men Who Killed The Beat (buy)

Bruta Non Calculant - You Won't Like (buy)

1982, Seattle, two guys, terrific sounds.

Sequencer People - Somebody Different (buy)

17 January 2014

Pic: Bryan Lear

Club Crush

Hank Jackson - Palee Hit (buy)

Blacknecks - Fash (buy)

S.A.M. - When The Reaper Comes (buy)

27 December 2013

Pic: Andreas Banderas

Even Tuell & Midnightopera - Untitled (buy)

Adam Strömstedt & Alan Delius - Swirly Tempel (buy)

Lupo - 100 Percent Wet (buy)

Traumprinz - Believe (buy)

21 December 2013

Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold - Camel Toe Central (buy)

Manse - Under (buy)

Lerosa - Postmodern (buy)

Robert Hood - Eleven (buy)

Torn Hawk - We Burnt Time (buy)

6 December 2013


Michael Stearns - As The Earth Kissed the Moon (Excerpt) (buy)

Pepe Bradock - Confabulations (buy)

Shinichi Atobe - The Red Line (buy)

Roger 23 - Peut-Etre (buy)

Louis Guilliaume - Disco F**k (buy)

Rhythmic Theory - Siren Song (buy)

Vaghe Stelle - 4th Hope (buy)

29 November 2013

Pic: Gerd Arntz

Evigt Mörker - Högre (buy)

Paranoid London - Eating Glue (buy)

Anom Vitruv - A2 (buy)

Muslim Disco Club - Kurosava (buy)

Charles Manier - Sift Through Art Collecting People (buy)

Donato Dozzy - Vaporware 07 (buy)

27 November 2013

Hello! I hope everyone is well, thank you for the gentle nudges here and there. Let's see where we can go in 2014.

Chari Chari - Tiki (buy)

Ex-Easter Island Head - Mallets 3 Part 3 (buy)

Dungeon Acid - Late Night Dungeon Jam (buy)

Chari Chari - Calling Spirit (buy)

Back for good :)

13 October 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I will hopefully return to normal posting soon. 

A transitional process. 

Currently living on a boat with poor internet connection.

Bear with me.

Feel free to keep in touch by email keytarsandviolins@gmail.com

6 September 2013

Pic: Theycallmeelton

Point G - Come (buy)

Kobosil - Contact (buy)

Parassela - Untitled (buy)

Galcher Lustwerk - Tape 22 (buy)

White Visitation - Maintain (buy)

White Visitation - Years (buy)

Sycorax - The Pond (buy)

30 August 2013

Patricia - Waiting For Alexis (buy)

Florian Kupfer - B1

Black Deer - Chief Big Thumb (buy)

HVL - Across The Sun (buy)

Webermichelson - Webermichelson

Alberich - Gold (buy)

23 August 2013

Pic: Sergi Delgado

Making up for lost time.

Gonzalo MD - Black Enemy (buy)

Leisure Connection - Jungle Dancing (buy)

Papers - A1 (buy)

Red 7 - I Lost My Shoes On Acid (buy)

Sleeparchive - Recycle (buy)

21 August 2013

Personable - Series Of Energies (buy)

Lowtec - Drone One (buy)

Forever Sound - Glowworm (buy)

L'Estasi dell'oro - Dichotomous Life (buy)

Untidy - A2 (buy)

Eomac - Myth Of Origins (buy)

Murcof & Philippe Petit - Pegasus (buy)

1 August 2013

It's been a while, so here is a new 17 track mix. Ignore the minor incoherence and indulge the wonderful sounds. Tracklist to follow. 

Electronic music for the discerning dancefloor. Included are the following:

Boys R Us - Cielo Azzurro (buy)

#4.26 - Mages (buy)

Koehler - Technicolour (buy)

Chevel - Teens (buy)

MRSK - Venger (buy)

Cos/Mes - Red Rock (buy)

Spot the odd ones out.

26 July 2013

Greg Beato - Respect The 78 (buy)

Breaker 1 2 - 2 (buy)

Breaker 1 2 - DMT (buy)

Lucretio - Want (buy)

Acronym - Amoeba (buy)

23 July 2013

Feral Love - Stranger Version (buy)

Dan Fun - Untitled (buy)

Wishmountain - Radio (buy)

11 July 2013

Pic: Ugo Gattoni

Daniel Andréasson - Aphotic Theatre (buy)

Aquarian Foundation - Dream Of The Red Chamber (buy)

EMG - Points Of View (buy)

R-Zone - Dead (buy)

Tallmen 785 - Down (buy)

Octad - Dirty Drive (buy)

Designer Imposter - Good News (buy)

3 July 2013

David Sinfield - N.Y. Two (buy)

Ñaka Ñaka - 000001 (buy)

S Olbricht - Paulsanger (Trap 4) (buy)

Herva - Stay (buy)

Renato Cohen - Pontape 2013 (Remake) (buy)

The Express - Rost (Shutter Remix) (buy)

Finis Africae - Triciclos En La Chopera (buy)

15 June 2013

Pic: Evan Roth

A selection of the finest music to grace my ears in recent times. Do enjoy.

Galaxian - Surge (buy)

City 2 City - True People 88 89 90 (buy)

S3A aka Sampling As An Art - The Ravist (buy)

Markus Suckut - Path (buy)

Fulbert - Track 1 (buy)

Marco Shuttle - The Vox Attitude (buy)

Population One - Self Portrait (buy)

Forward Strategy Group - We're Looking For Manpower (buy)

Blacknecks - Untitled 1 (buy)

J.T. Stewart - Krill (buy)

Unsquare Mode - Turbulance (buy)

9 June 2013

Popsong's Factory - D'Ameja (buy)

Locust - Fall For Me (buy)

Inertia - The Screen (buy)

Druss - 20 Sides A Minute (buy)

Samaan - Terminator Reserve (buy)

Grooveman Spot - Sustain One's Efforts (buy)

24 May 2013

Pic: Abdul Mati Klarwein

Cliff Lothar - Ringleader (buy)

Michael Ozone - Perfect Systems (buy)

Joey Anderson - Press Play (buy)

Carisma - Muerte Instrumental (buy)

Eddie & Sunshine - Lines (Cherrystones Edit) (buy)

16 May 2013

Pic: Thomas Mailaender

Stefan Vincent - Conflate Four (buy)

Red Stars Over Tokyo - Stop Staring At The Ground (buy)

Louis Guilliaume - Way Out (buy)

Chris Page - Corpus Delicti (Blawan Remix) (buy)

Louis Guilliaume - Private Escorts (buy)

Gesloten Cirkel - Gesloten Cirkel (buy)

Achterbahn D'Amour - Harmonia (buy)

Stefan Vincent - Conflate Five (buy)

9 May 2013

Pic: Rosenthal

Dalhous - He Was Human And Belonged With Humans (buy)

NCW vs Piss - Golden (buy)

Shoebox - I Got A Feeling (buy)

No Mad Ronin - Dirty Skeletons (buy)

Leafar Legov - Elaine (buy)

Kuniyuki - Shout (buy)

Sauveur Mallia - Smurfissimo (buy)

1 May 2013

Pic: Pavel Ripley 

Visonia & Dopplereffekt - Die Reisen (buy)

Bratha - A1 (buy)

Royal Crown Of Sweden - Mälaren (buy)

Syclops - Sarah's E With Extra P (buy)

23 April 2013

Der Noir - Another Day (Mick Wills Remix) (buy)

Willie Burns - The Overlord (buy)

Drvg Cvltvre - Bring Me Your Labradoodle (buy)

Drvg Cvltvre - Dakar (buy)

Tangula - Descending II (buy)

Tangula - Descending IV (buy)

Mapstation - I Begin To Know The Map (buy)

17 April 2013

Pic: Artem Gridin

Watkins & Almadovar -  A (buy)

Watkins & Almadovar - B (buy)

A ridiculous release. Not a clue who or what Watkins & Almadovar are but their sound is heavy. Check this if you like Container.

Sir Stephen - PRSM.SPLNTR (Fader Remix) (buy)

This is a happy little tune. Could easily have become something that sounded too polished, but it's perfectly executed.

Torn Hawk - Track 7 (buy)

10 For Edge Tek by Torn Hawk is yet another quality LP for 2013, losing count already!

14 April 2013

The Cyclist - Stove (buy)

Chasing Voices - Awoken By Tears (buy)

Chasing Voices - Another Walk (buy)

Pom Pom - Fire (buy)

Studio Boomlab - The Lodge (buy)

Minilogue - Clouds And Water (Rrose Remix) (buy)

North Lake - Griswold (buy)

Chino - Raw & Rugged (buy)

Thanks for all of the kind words and encouragement, it meant a lot and has inspired me to keep on blogging despite time constraints. I'll do my best to post when I can. Please keep following.