8 February 2007

I just can't seem to shake electro from 2004.


Cursor Miner - War Machine

Cursor Miner - Gizmo Kid

Cosmo Vitelli - Dance With Me

And it's also great to see a post-rock outfit with a sensible sized name, i'm on about Laura (not an acronym). They're a six-strong Australian tour de force of beautifully structured post-rock, and their album Radio Swan Is Down was in many pundits Top 7's of 2006. Highly recommended.

Laura - I Hope

Now this is the video to a song that I just CANNOT get enough of at the moment, it's by Thieves Like Us and it goes something like this!

  • Thanks for the Cosmo Vitelli- Dance With Me track!

    By Anonymous Nilina, at 9:54 am  
  • From Cosmo to Berlin ... Vitelli, stalked!

    By Blogger isi, at 4:38 pm  
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