21 September 2008

pic: Miika Saksi

End of last year I posted an amazing track by Cage & Aviary called Television Train that got released on Dissident. As the Cage & Aviary train gathers pace they have come up with a string of top quality remixes for artists such as Yeasayer, Toy Toy and Drums Of Death. On their own imprint The Walls Have Ears they will release their remixes as limited 12" vinyl's. DFA also picked up on their talents and will be re-releasing Television Train in a few months. Good times ahead for this London duo. Head over to their remix page for some truly excellent sounds.

Cage & Aviary - Hot Cancel (alt link)
(thanks to Illegal Tender)

A little slow on this, but the lovely Stars As Eyes of Tigerbeat6 fame have been nice enough to upload pretty much all of their tracks ever recorded in 320kbps and offer them for free download on their webpage. An outstanding offering of experimental electronica that includes remixes by Mรบm and Casino vs Japan amongst others. www.starsaseyes.com

Another new release on Border Community is that of Wesley Matsell and his track Bernwerk, which must be said is totally out of this world. I've been hooked by its simple melody and changes in pitch. Trip out to the track of the year*. A stunning debut release. Available on 12" here.

Wesley Matsell - Bernwerk
(alt link)

You don't normally get four people in a techno outfit but that's the number that reside in Wareika. Their debut release called Impulse is a real gem. There's lots going in the track but not so as to drive you to distraction, it's just right the bassline carries you along with the clicks, taps, and piano keys providing a more than pleasant background as the track builds and builds. Nice. Avaiable on 12" at Clone - released on Connoiseur.

Wareika - Impulse (alt link)

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  • Love that Cage & Aviary track. The guys are great!
    Check an other unreleased track by them on my blog.


    By Blogger strapazzolli, at 12:07 am  
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