29 October 2023

Hania Rani - Moans

SSIEGE - Veyl 

Feel Fly - Sacrificio

Yaleesa Hall - Newman

Tom Bolas - I Just Wanna Dance (Edit)

The Disciples - Overflown (Easy Flight Mix)

AMAS Studio - The Void

Jacob Dwyer & Sam Purcell - Helmet In The Water

Feel Fly - Étoile Romance

28 September 2023

Martinou - Guardian

Cabaret Du Ciel - Climatic Variations (Donato Dozzy Rework)

Wata Igarashi - Searching

Polygonia - Nightfall

Dean Grenier - Nowhere Man

Space Dimension Controller - Neuclidea

ReKaB - Cling Klong

James Devane - Can't Be Here

Rezzett - The Goblin Has Fallen in Love

The Reflektor - Caona (Gold)

Caveman LSD - Bottle Service Angels

Hysterical Love Project - Boyracer 

Hysterical Love Project - Ionian Sea

Pascal Moscheni - Toyota Mehari

Timothy J. Fairplay - Why Are They Here?

Sam Media - Simple As Fuck

Crimeboys - Deja Entendu (dub)

A Visiting Link - Link 0-9

J.Albert - config4

Dave Saved - Present Tense

Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer & Shahzad Ismaily - Haseen Thi

24 December 2022

Happy Christmas :)

Javier Segura - Malagueñas 2

fka boursin - Coma

James Shinra - Circular

Ajukaja & Ats - Estradin

The iDEALIST - Actionist Dub

Ben Kaczor - Bura

Paul Bailey - Battery Girl

LDS - Kizzt_VF

Aleksi Perälä - FI3AC2139310

Attraktta - Tears In Rain

Freedom Engine - Rain In Kyoto

fka boursin - Coma (Cold Turkey Mix)

The Zenmenn And John Moods - Fantasy Again

18 February 2022

Fontän - Iriz

PST - Take One

Anatolian Weapons - A Series Of Changes

Mata Disk - Surrounder

Datassette - Sentinel

Giraffi Dog - Members Of Warning 2021

Group Zero - We Need Water

Ranie Ribeiro - De Woonkamer

8 January 2022

I didn't realise I posted a saved draft without links before, sorry! Here are the links plus a few extra tracks. Happy New Year and thanks for your comments :) L

Donato Dozzy - Morena

Bunzinelli - Godspeed

Chris Moss Acid - Beat String (2nd Mix)

Rune Lindbaek - Gnesta

Martinou - Thunder Road

Sk'p - Centrum Taz

Time Scale Dilation Lab - Raw Land Rulz

Ryan James Ford - Slushie

nthng - Heart Chase

Time Not Wasted - Spore Printer

Sinusoidal - Datura

Answer Code Request & Jan Wagner - Kreuzberg 05

Patrick Conway - Eyes Of Providence

Roberto Auser - Second Sun

FFT- Disturb Roqe 2

Sk'p - Sound Of Saws

Eversines - Companionship

Alexander Melzak - Threnody To The People Of Melancholy And Disenchantment In A World Devoid Of Magic

17 October 2021

Themisto Man - Vocation

Suso Flores - 87643is

Placid One - Slow Motion Race

Black Bones - Gabi

Tys - Astral

canvo - Montjuic

C.K. - Mind Superior

Bot1500 - Euphoria 3

Uf0 - 2000 EM

Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life (Lonely Hearts Mix)

Hugo Massien - Chemically Minded

Ceephax Acid Crew - Eurozone 

Unknown Artist Untitled (TOPP016)

Lou Karsh - Internal Mind Games

Cult48 - Inqui

Techno Twins - Donald And Julie Go Boating

Anatolian Weapons - An Afterthought

James Bernard - UW B03

James Bernard - UW C01

Sayem - Hishiryo

Arthur H - Paris La Silencieuse

7 February 2021

Simone Giudice - Diffusione

Cult48 - On Diesel Verge

 Vril - Alte Seele (Voiski Remix)

Dewemer - Jeer

Koraal - Vuurduin

3 Chairs - All Over

3 Chairs - Blue Out

Unknown Artist - Espresso (Nathan Joy Edit)

Unknown Artist - The Duke Arrives (Pyramiden Rework)

Nicodemo - Radio Meccanica (Nachtbraker Remix)

Haunted Ghost - Cichlocolaptes Mazarbarne

Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gerard Zajd - Reaching Infinite

Very much undecided about this.

Trance Wax - Rivers 

Have been raiding the archives and stumbled across this beauty

Vastkustska Ryggdunkarsallskapet - Vansbro Boogie

19 December 2020

Keytars & Violins December 2020 Not On Spotify Playlist

Space Time Continuum - Fluresence

DJ Desobediente - Flores En El Nicho 1.8

Ambien Baby - Aventura (feat. Priori)

Mogambo - Matum (Benedikt Frey's Space Cat Re-Interpretation)

Iro Aka - Zukunft

World Standard - 砂の水 (Sand Water)

Mood Of Departure - Footsteps

Mood Of Departure - Until The End Of The World

Thomas Wood - End Of The Rainbow

Os/Sienis - Power Source (DJ Trip Advisor Version)

Keytars & Violins December 2020 Spotify Playlist

Pinkcourtesyphone - Another Interior

Monolake - Ircks Angle

Dorisburg- Fumana Prophecy

Global Communication - Sublime Creation

Marco Shuttle - Arpex

Nummer - Hassen Dub

Nummer - Kyoto's Forest

Mark du Mosch - In A Flash (e)

Wladimir M - Evil

Avalon Emerson - Rotting Hills

Tour-Maubourg - Saint Thé à la Menthe

Rickard Javerling - Bruised Banana

Alek Lee - Telefon

Ole Theill - Between Leaves

Tammo - It Is Easy To See

Tammo - Ideomotor

Ludwig A.F. - Blissful Lie

Brain Pilot - C.N.S.

Snow Palms - Land Waves

Sun Genam - Angry Gods

27 November 2020

Actually, following a bit of effort. I couldn't find the below on Spotify. MP3's go again.

RP - Smlltwn

Unknown Artist - Energise

Unknown Artist - Raven

Unknown Artist - Go Into The Nature

DJ Chupacabra - Chandone

BufoBufo - Metal's Winning

BufoBufo - Iridescent

The Phantasy - Just Dance

4C4F1F - Warehouse

Full Circle - Shiver (Jack The Ripper Is A Tripper Mix)

Brainwaltzera - Triangulate Dither (Fairytall Version)

Brainwaltzera - Bad Endgar

SW. - InCOMPlete to 90s Hrdcr Supreme

Deetron - Ego Rave A

Ballet Mechanique - Embody

Sansibar - Game Over

Map.ache - Ealth

Dead Husband - Iguana

Konduku - Şekersin

John Beltran - Euphoric Dream Ocean

Map.ache - Portes


19 November 2020

MP3's feel a little redundant in todays streaming world so I'm thinking of making my posts into a monthly Spotify playlist going forward.

It's been a shitter of a year and really hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected. We will come through the other side of this pandemic, sooner than was expected. 

No matter how big or small you feel your struggle has been, please know that you have done well and that brighter times are ahead 🙂

I still collect and archive a huge amount of music that goes back so many years and I will cherish that forever but it really does feel like the MP3 has had it's day with the advent of streaming and the introduction of FLAC as the file of choice that there is limited scope for the blog anymore.

I had some of the most amazing times finding and sharing music over the years in what was a pivotal time for me personally and for so many artists who slowly established themselves into what is now a mature market for online distribution of music.

I don't think we'll ever get a time like 2006-2010-2013 again. Times have moved on but let's not stop the good sounds from being heard through whatever medium suits us best! 

Thank you all so much for following this blog over the years, you have played a massive part in my life :)

KV Spotify Selection - November 2020


BufoBufo – Cave Network
Overmono – Clipper (Another 5 Years)
Priori – SCN 1
Bas Dobelaer – Diversion
Jackmate – Skeletones
Aethers Spring – Dancing Moon
SW. – bck to ftr hrcr
Sansibar – Game Over
Vril & Rodhad – Atakama
RAN – Hvor Verden Vender
Dylan Henner – The Peach Tree Next Door Grew Over Our Fence
Martinou – Let’s Get Out Of Here
Fazer Drums – Sound Measures Part I-V
Fazer Drums – Sound Measures Part VI – X
Marc Et Frank – Cap’tain Coke
TCB – Fluency Shaping

27 June 2020

Blackbones - Out Of Our Minds

Fantastic Twins - Between The Dog And The Wolf

Naone And S.O.N.S - Kame

Panorama Channel & Pletnev - Eiffel Tower Syndrome

Unknown Artist - Walking On Jupiter

Unknown Artist - Euphorix

Bleaching Agent - The Cockfighter

Red Axes - Hold

U - Don't Fuck With The Dragon

Trudge - Last Ceremony Until I Die

Saffronkeira & Plaudio PRC - Mare Tranquillitatis III

LF58 - Evocazione Contatto Risveglio

4 April 2020

Alien - 47amb Mix1

Datassette - Existenzmaximum

Patricia Kokett- Amulet

515 Connection - Call & Response

Patronen - Lebensessenz 

Fantastic Man - Lather Of Heaven 

Jimi Bazzouka - 200 Force 

Yagya - Rainbow And Human 

22 March 2020

I hope you are all staying safe, healthy and sane in these most trying times. Music has always been my go to in time of need and has helped me through some really difficult life situations. Perhaps now, more than ever...

Earth Trax - I'm Not Afraid (buy)

Capsule Network - Station Bravo (buy)

Mammo - Summit (buy)

Beesmunt Soundsystem - Nova Zen (buy)

P&T - Bioindicator (buy)

Oosr - Alien Abduction (buy)

Undefined ft. Rider Shafique - Three (buy)

Leafar Legov - Alone (buy)

Koyil - A Glimmer of Light (ГУЛ Remix) (buy)

Merrin Karras - Meridian (buy)

Calibre - Planet Hearth (buy)

See you soon.

19 January 2020

Rising Sun Psyche - Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

Memphis - Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)

Sebastian Mullaert - Attio

queniv - I Think I've Got It

Nocow - Far Voices

Nocow - Oasis

Full Circle - Shivering Shanti

Alphonse - Mystical Wisp

27 November 2019

Chocolate Hills - Reboot

Vector Trancer - Space Gibbon Mantra

Samo DJ - Pär Och Annika (Ex-Terrestrial Remix)

Edward - It Doesn't Matter Judy

Newworldaquarium - Mercury

Karima F - Flaccid House

4B4D59 - The Man With A FM Milk

Datassette - Kestrel Manouevres In The Dark

Umlaut! - Soap

The Mamba - Trails

Christian Coiffure - Slowly Merging Into One

Tjade - Koi Jaye (Edit)

Youkounkoun - Cosmic Yoyo

Patrick Conway - Digital Warfare

29 September 2019

Eiger Drums Propaganda - Disco Sound To Death

Oceanic - Parallel Lines Of Stripes

Lemmi Ash - Lemmi Ash Theme

SYO - D.U.N.E.

Miles Atmospheric - Exoplanetology

Diego - Me Fragments

SIT - Spectral

Anthony Rother - Tokyo Principle

L.F.T. - Nucleon

Die Gestalten - Das Totem

Low Tape - Marine Engineers

Eiger Drums Propaganda - Throat Complain

29 August 2019

Kareem El Morr - Eros 404

Golden Baby - Rainbowcoalition

Golden Baby - What A Strange Life

Barker - Maximum Utility

DJ Healer - 2 The Dark 

DJ Healer - Planet Lonely

Filippo Naughty Moscatello - California

Captain Mustard - Quiet Move (Special Dance Mix)

19 July 2019

Kapitan - Album Song

S.O.N.S. - Taj Mahal

Sfire - Sfire1 (Feat. Marcella)

Suman - Men At Work

Copper Green Sedan - Pedestrian

Qnete & Carmel - Forest Magic

Ruby My Dear - Babil

1 July 2019

Mads Emil Nielsen - Untitled

SPIME.IM - Exaland VI 

BLNDR - Les Fantômes De La Côte

Hedon The Cat - Terry69 

Shinichi Atobe - Butterfly Effect

Al Onzo - Tango Japan 

Franco F - Ray-Tracing Sauna

Juju & Jordash - Jupiter Slack 

Eirwud Mudwasser - Hahahaha So Sad

5ive - Planet Be 

Sound Voyage - Golden Garuda (Khidja Remix

Perm - Quewupp 

FFT - Ohld

Mekine U Teksi - Exile Emotive

Piezo - The Madrake 

Simone De Kunovich - Mondo Segreto

Simone De Kunovich - Birds Of Nirvana

SSTROM - Drenched 1

Trudge - страсть 

Karamika - TON 2.1

Karamika - TON 2.7 

Dreems - Be A Soldier, Be A Crab

20 January 2019


Analog~1 - Mistral (buy)

Naduve - Pakana Tana (buy

Plazmot - Allenby (buy)

Blue Veil - Measure Of Time (buy)

Wa Wu We - What's Left (buy)

Zolaa - 0783.1505 (buy)

Maenad Veyl - Calibro (buy)

Analog~1 - SKIV Loop (Rework) (buy)

22 December 2018


Geins't Naït + Laurent Petitgand - Rain (buy)

Kilchhofer - Hedha (buy)

Aoud - SE MKII (buy)

Vril - Spes (buy)

Heap - External Error (buy)

Mathis Ruffing - Gengar (buy)

H. Russell-Ashe - Kivaaluun (buy)

Jinjé - Big Skies (buy)

Nathan Micay - First Casualty (buy)

Nathan Micay - Beginning Ballads (buy)

534147 - Time Out (buy)

Chateau Flight - Sargan (buy)

Kirilik - Plumberphonic (buy)

upsammy - Another Place (buy)

Donato Dozzy - Cleo (buy)

Mystic Versions - Untitled (buy)

Rian Treanor - Don't Go (buy)

Happy Christmas

13 December 2018


John T. Gast - Angela (buy)

Antony Naples - ZTL (buy)

Velvet C - Cosmotropi (buy)

Qnete - Deserved Disrespect (buy)

Juju & Jordash - Bellboy SLACK (buy)

Garies - Crash Course (buy)

Katerina - Be A Child (buy)

Scarlit Port - Touch U Without Touchin Ur Skin (buy)

Patricia Kokett - Luxor (buy)

Kris Wadsworth - Abroad (buy)

9 June 2018


Lord Pusswhip - The Hand Of Glory (buy)

Piska Power - Umgehung (buy)

In Aeternam Vale - Circles (buy)

One Circle - Flight To Forever (buy)

Sordid Sound System - Die Ewige Nacht (buy)

Slowglide - Haipa (buy)

Slowglide - Reigi (buy)

Sevensol & Bender - Mythen Center Korfu (buy)

Sevensol & Bender - Driftwood (buy)

Tommy Mandel - Haunted (By The Girl He Always Wanted) (buy)

21 April 2018


Benedikt Frey - Releipsuahcs (buy)

DeViere - Lessons Learned In The Tears Of Deceit (buy)

DJ Oil - Heritage (buy)

Johannes Albert - Cottbus (bus)

Spirituals - Love Changes (buy)

Spirituals - Canadian National (buy)

Thunder Tillman - Oceanic (buy)

15 December 2017

losing touch

Mori Ra - Acid Indonesia Dari Psychedelia (buy)

SAVE! - Rainy Monday (Lipelis Fixed Twins Version) (buy)

Antenna - Nokia (buy)

Costin RP - Tespar (buy)

Maria Rita Stumpf - Lamento Africa/Rictus (Joakim Remix) (buy)

Maria Rita Stumpf - Cantico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiura) (Selvagem And Carrot Green Remix) (buy)

Underspreche - Invito Alla Danza (buy)

Underspreche - Sequins Sequence (buy)

Job Sifre - Worries (buy)

Job Sifre - Intex Excursions (buy)

Exhausted Moden - Djullanar The Sea Girl (buy)

Underspreche - Mi Luz Es Distinta (feat Sandra Restrepo) (buy)

13 October 2017

Hi & Saberhagen - Acid Finger (buy

440PPM - 8.069 (buy)

Matthew Brown - Psygnosis (buy)

Sansibar - Nonstop (buy)

Kuniyuki Takahashi - Cycle (buy)

Circular Vector Patterns - Eclipse (buy)

The Emperor Machine - U.M.O. (buy)

Alpha Tracks - Soleil Royal (buy)

20 August 2017


DJ Normal 4 - Water Delusion (buy)

Chaim - The Perfect Circle (buy)

Pye Corner Audio - Untitled (buy)

Silent Servant - Untitled (buy)

Savage Hymn - La Vida Sigue Igual (buy)

The Peppers - Hot Caramel (Soulwax Remix) (buy)

Kris Baha - Relapse 83' (buy)

12 August 2017

DJ Bert & Eagle - I Am Your Master

Don't DJ - Wiedergänger

Khidja  - Microb  

Forest Drive West - Scanners

Cabaret Voltaire - Low Cool (Marcel Dettmann Edit) 

Patrick Conway - Samphire

Introversion - Dystopia

Stratton - White Punks on E

Isabella - Ominate 

3KZ - Nature Of Motion 

Alek Lee - Sfarot

24 April 2017


Angel - Driving (Down) (buy)

Bill Converse - Sea Bering (buy)

Kris Baha - Blackout (buy)

Davy Kehoe - Short Passing Game (buy)

Talski - +- (buy)

Shao - Sensi (Edit) (buy)

Jaures - Volto Notturno (Qqq B. Jurnata) (buy)

Mumbo Jumbo - Wind It Up (buy)

15 April 2017


Sneaker - Mejwiz (Sneaker 808 Overdub) (buy)

Tryphème - Away From Prying Eyes (buy)

Schwefelgelb - Fokus (buy)

Museum - Pole (buy)

Empfanger - Just Fierce (buy)

IBON - Svever (buy)

FRAK - De Klos (buy)

31 March 2017

Drexciya - Cascading Celestial Giants (buy)

Studio OST - Ascension (buy)

Timmo - The Maze (buy)

Quazar - The Nightshift (feat. Anonym) (buy)

Salomon Dunkan -Android (Adamantium Mix) (buy)

Strahinja Arbutina - Paljba (buy)