25 February 2009

pic: Hansje van Halem via But Does It Float

Rat Salad Edits - Dynamite (alt link)

Rat Salad is the alias of producers Leo Elstob (A Mountain Of One) and Rupert Lyddon (Grand National). They've spent months trawling their 50,000 strong record collection and carefully re-editing, re-mastering and re-working everything that fits the Rat Salad musical junket. I Got An Email From Vangelis is an outstanding mix CD lovingly strung together by Leo and Rupert. They're using traditional methods, old school tape edits and tracks fed half-speed through prehistoric valve amps and compressors to give them an extra rich sound and a unique Rat Salad double dollop of wallop! Fans of their A Mountain Of One project, rare, esoteric dance music and a more cosmic flavour to their creative edits and reworks will love the music here. So good.

JAZ - State Of Hindipendence (alt link)

Further edit goodness comes from JAZ and his I Played Sports CD release. Full of obscure cuts that will leave even the most versed in disco and balaeric racking their brains. Great work.

Lo-fi garage noisenik Wavves is in the UK this week and next. Good times. I'm also posting a couple other decidedly lo-fi jams that i've been digging of late. Check them out. Cheers.

Wavves - Loser Year (alt link)

Intelligence - Like Like Like Like Like Like Like (alt link)

Blank Dogs - The Tied (alt link)

Whatever Brains - Crass Ringtones (alt link)