29 July 2010


Pic: Patches

Domu - Understand Why (buy)

Taken from Domu's This Is House EP out on Swedish Brandy. Soulful, smooth and sexy.

Satore - Followed By Time (Pablo Bolivar Remix) (buy)

Pablo Bolivar
mushes this track into a blissed out house treat. It features on a new mix that i'll be able to post up soon.

26 July 2010

Pic: Sierpinski arrowhead curve

DVS1 - Departure (buy)

DVS1 has been mentioned about around here before for his debut on Ben Klock's label. He followed up that with Flight To No Where on Timefog which keeps withine the confines of raw and unforgiving techno, but for his latest release on the legendary Transmat he changes up the style to something with a little more warmth and a little less precision, perhaps hinted at in the name of the EP - Love Under Pressure. All highly recommended.

Lanny May - Wonderfield (buy)

For fans of the Border Community sound this one. Taken from Lanny May's Video Day EP out on Cinematique.

Dee Pulse - Black Martin (buy)

This track by Dee Pulse is taken from Connaisseur Recordings bumper compilation entitled “Grand Cru“ which is a familiar term in the wine business and often denominates a special wine, which is made from the best grapes of either one wine-producing area or one vintage. About the compilation the label says: "In this figurative sense, we present the third edition of our compilation series, which started successfully in 2007. We gently refined this year’s selection to find a versatile mixture of handpicked gems. At the same time, this compilation boasts of a representative choice of artists who have already released on Connaisseur, as well as up-and-coming new talents and skilful purveyors of fine electronic music."

19 July 2010

Pic: Emma Kelly

Dplay - Tangabucht (buy)

This is a little bit of a gem. Dplay makes up a third of the excellent and insular Mild Pitch label along with Manuel Tur and Langenberg. Guaranteed quality house music.

Franck Roger - The Wolfman (buy)

Taken from The 5 Beats DJ Breaks Vol 2, this is some sinister late night sleaze courtesy of Franck Roger.

16 July 2010

Pic: Kraffhics

Art Of Tones - The World As I Live It (buy)

Top notch disco house jammer by Art Of Tones.

D'Julz - Second Hand Feet (buy)

followed up one of my favourite EP's of the year so far with something special from D'Julz, all about synthstabs. D'Julz edit of Anonym's Lov Is Easy is just as good too.

Anonym - Lov Is Easy (D'Julz Edit) (buy)

Steffen Baldo - Efe Efe (buy)

Cannot get enough of Steffen Baldo's Basement Amuzement Park EPout on Polyfon. Summery deep house beauty.

13 July 2010

Pic: Emil Kozak

Holidays are over.

Sahin Meyer - World Cup Of The Future (buy)

World Cup is over.

Pulshar - Sacrifice Of Love (buy)

Elektro Guzzi - Hexenschuss (buy)

DJ Kaos - Kosmischer Ruckenwind (buy)

Good music remains.