24 September 2010

Pic: Heads & Volleys

The Shepardtones - Reichatronics (buy)

Capracara - Panic Beats (buy)

Andreas Tilliander - Juno Chords (buy)

The Seed X compilation is pretty brilliant. Celebrating Seed's 10 years of unique musical existence. Cover art for each of the 3 CD's was by the great Chris Wright.

22 September 2010

Pic: Tomasz Szpaderski

Kenton Slash Demon - Sun (buy)

Without doubt one of the songs of the summer by the talented Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon, just brilliant house music that will leave you feeling enchanted. They will soon release Part 2 of The Schwarzchild Solution on Tartelet, and it is certainly worth getting excited about.

IFM - Promise Land (buy)

Drumpoet Community has been one of the most consistent labels around for some time now, always delivering a fresh twist on a classic sound. This IFM track is taken from the Yes We Are EP.

Tom Ware - The Fourth Circle

Tom Ware - Take Time To Hurry

Tom Ware - Road Trip

Finally got a decent copy of Tom Ware's LP The Fourth Circle. A masterpiece in mid-80s synthesizer extravagance...

21 September 2010

Pic: Bibliotheque

Benoit & Sergio - What I've Lost (buy)

Released on Bruno Pronsato's Thesongsays label last year is this achingly beautiful track by Benoit & Sergio. And it's this almost lethargic sound that follows through to just as good effect in Sergio's latest output with Pronsato as NDF and the track Since We Last Met.

Fudge Fingas - Gettin' Together (buy)

One from the Firecracker archive. Fudge Fingas funk laden deep house.

16 September 2010

Pic: Josh Keyes

Gideon - From Hong Kong To Japan (buy)

Gideon - Know How (buy)

A couple of superb pulsating tracks taken from Gideon's W.O.M. LP out on Anticlub.

Alex_q - Cliff (buy)

This is a beautiful bonus track off Alex_q's Endlich Fruhling EP out on Musik Gewinnt Freunde. The track also made it on it's own as an uncredited 12". Lovely stuff.

A few soundtracky/ambient bits to finish today. A track from Satomi Taniyama's Portopia and something from the Coloursound Library collection number 57.

Satomi Taniyama - Macau Connection (buy)

Andre Mikola - Plastic Dream

Jean Dowgierd & Marek Bilinski - Marching Bytes

Marek Bilinski - Dancing Oscillators

8 September 2010

Pic: James Jean

Logo - La Vie Moderne (Gohan Remix) (buy)

Following on from his chilling Riley Reinhold remix, Gohan has this time turned out a serenely powerful remix of Logo's La Vie Moderne. Out on Kitsune.

Foot Sole Foreigner - Of Bones & Dreams (buy)

Sublime work by The Seventh Earth Project. Foot Sole Foreigner is the b-side to this hypnotic house journey.

Gweilo - Ghosts (buy)

In celebration of Dissiden going digital. One of the lesser heard favourites of mine, sounds like a crappy 80s science TV soundtrack given a makeover. Grab the WAV's at JunoDownload.

John Beltran - Anticipation (buy)

John Beltran - Earth & Nightfall (buy)

Earth & Nightfall was the 1995 album by Detroit producer John Beltran, tying up Detroit techno with ambient pieces to great effect. Put out by the resurgent R&S Records.