24 May 2011

Pic: Device

Lapti - Sunpunch (buy)

Creeping into our consciousness since the turn of the year, Belgian label Vlek has been putting out small doses of mesmeric dance music through it's Amai 7" series. Coming up next on the label is the Dice Pool EP by Cupp Cave. Recommended if you like Lone or Jackson & His Computer Band.

Zacky Force Funk & Kutmah - Bombs (buy)

Killer grooves on Clone Crown Ltd courtesy of Zacky Force Funk & Kutmah. Short, but very sweet!

Borngraber & Struver - Dancing Queen (buy)

Chugging leftfield brilliance from Borngraber & Struber taken from their release entitled 'Urlaub' on M=Minimal. There's three really epic tracks on the release, including a 16 minute long prog-krautrock masterpiece. Superb.

19 May 2011

Pic: Kari Altmann

Phidias - Cygnus Astratus (buy)

Out on Freund Der Familie is this amazing effort by new producer Phidias. A track 8 minutes long that rolls through each moment oozing darkness from it's restrained drum beats, simply stunning stuff. The b-side to Black Secret also features a track by Freund Der Familie reworked by Redshape.

7 Citizens - Watson's Party Seven (buy)

The Praterei label has been going about it quietly but effectively since debuting the killer Junojam a while back. This track by Austrian producer 7 Citizens is taken from the second release on the label, with a third 12" recently out too.

Zodiac Free Arts Club - Floating World (buy)

I cannot get enough of the Floating World album by Zodiac Free Arts Club. Released on Permanent Vacation it sees Argy pay homage to the krautrock/kosmiche movement led by Conrad Schnitzler et al. Also worth pointing out that Cytheria by June on Argy's These Days label is a magnificent synth-pop/electro album.

18 May 2011

Pic: Onformative via But Does It Float

Kasper Bjorke - Symptoms (buy)

Kasper Bjorke is undoubtedly one of the most consistent producers around, always on the money with his songs, raising the bar when it comes to infectious disco tinged house. Symptoms EP has some new material by Bjorke along with remixes from Mano Le Tough and Truffle Shuffle. Very good stuff out now on Hfn Music.

DJ Phono - Knarhcslheuk Mi Ttinhcsfua Hcon Ebah Hci (buy)

New on Diynamic is DJ Phono's There's Confetti In My Shoe. Sublime house music really, enough said. I think the above track translates to having cold meat in the fridge.

Skinnerbox - Purgatory Five (buy)

Classic track this by Skinnerbox, out on BPitch Control as part of a release entitled Anapol. I can't shake noticing a similarity to Rippin Kittin for some reason... so as I say, classic sounding stuff.

9 May 2011

Pic: Reza Ali

Thomalla - Gefilde (buy)

Superb tech-house from Thomalla, with his first EP on Bodi Bill's Krakatau Records. Punchy and atmospheric stuff.

APM 001 - Diva (UFO Remix) (buy)

Relentless beats on this remix of APM 001. Part of an all-round excellent remix package out on Family Name.

1 May 2011

Pic: La Bas

Knowing Looks - Abandoned Skip (buy)

Mr One Two - Tibetan Bowl (buy)

DJ Nature - Destiny Reprise (buy)

Deep Space Orchestra - Riding In My Imaginary Jeep (buy)

The End Of All Existence - The End Of All Existence (buy)