29 January 2012

Pic: Jean-Pierre Hebert

Pye Corner Audio - Electronic Rhythm Number Four (buy)

The Head Technician of Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services returned last week with the 3rd volume of the Black Mill Tapes: All Corners Open. A sublime selection of Radiophonic-esque splendor. The Head Technician also just put together a great mix for xxjfg, well worth a listen.

Stefan Robbers - Pathfinder (buy)

Killer b-side to Stefan Robbers Compound 12" release on Baby Ford's now defunct Ifach label way back in 2000 pre-laptop minimal profusion.

Margot - 4 Aggressive Young Boys (buy)

Border Community faves Margot turn out some madcap grooves for the Italian label Hell Yeah on a 250 run of 12" including some special remixes by Florian Meindl and Tempelhof, this is seriously good music across the board! 'Dancefloor assault'.

15 January 2012

Pic: But Does It Float

A chart of sorts, no order, just some of the very best tracks I've been listening to of late.

Kareem Moser - OS2009 (buy)

Answer Code Request - Escape Myself (buy)

Wincent Kunth - Trickle (buy)

Mark du Mosch - Reminiscing (buy)

Lakker - Spider Silk (buy)

10-20 - Bloomback (buy)

Afrikan Sciences - A Decison (buy)

Biodub - Barracuda (Glitterbug Remix) (buy)

13 January 2012

Pic: Slowboy

Wolf Müller - Lagerfeuer Tanz (buy)

Wolf Müller - Pflanzentanz (buy)

Wolf Müller debuts in impressive style for Düsseldorf's Themes For Great Cities label. A vinyl release of 300 sees Müller draw heavy influence on world music and percussive tribal rhythms, adding some mysticism with vocals calling for world peace and the like. This excellent record gives off an experimental, 'crate digging gem' type vibe that wouldn't sound out of place at all on ESP Institute or Lovefingers. As for Themes For Great Cities, the next release shouldn't be too far away with tracks from the previously featured Tolouse Low Trax as well as Montezumas Rache and Stabil Elite. Look forward to hearing more!