30 May 2012

A heads up that on Saturday 9th June i'll be down in London at The Horse & Groom playing some tracks at the behest of Gohan and his atemporal Peur Bleue blog/clubnight. Alongside us will be Alex McKeown and Kolour. Expect some great music and plenty of drinking.

Onto a mini playlist. The inimitable, intense sounds of Blawan and Pariah as Karenn. Not much comes even close.

Karenn - Chaste Down (buy)

The appearance of James Welsh's deep melodies on Hypercolour's Losing Suki sublabel.

James Welsh - Only (buy)

Mule Musiq poach another restrained German deep house producer in Oskar Offermann, the melody from about 3 mins is great.

Oskar Offermann - You Can You To Me Say (buy)

Bosconi label is always on point. This track by The Clover is understated deep house at its finest.

The Clover - Yourself (buy)

Stumbled across this tech-house delight just recently. Cinematic.

Carlo - White Crow (buy)

Servi! Beautiful synth workout on a track that features on PermVac's essential Mandarinenträume compilation, showcasing obscure German electronic music prior to reunification.

Servi - Laistrygonen (buy

17 May 2012

Pic: Antlers WiFi

Williams - I Feel The Shivering (buy)

Plantains - I Feel Love (buy)

First up, some really sad news about the passing of Donna Summer. She inspired us all. Here are two rather special covers/remixes of her signature track I Feel Love. She was loved, she will be loved forever.

Kevin Reynolds - Liasons (buy)

Moving forward we have the amazing Liasons by Kevin Reynolds, this is such an infectious track from him. There's plenty more in store from this Detroit master with releases due on Love What You Feel and L.I.E.S.   Hot stuff

Arab League - Le Coq (buy)

Arab League - Hollywood Goblin (buy)

Stockholm's Universal Rejection put out this blazing debut from Arab League a back in 2011 and have now followed it up with a complete bomb by Disappearer. This is a label to keep an eye on for sure!

16 May 2012


Kimyon - Make The Bed (buy)

Probably the most expensive 12" you will see this week is Kimyon Huggins superb techno work out for Juan Atkins seminal techno label Metroplex. Dope

Leonel Castillo - 1974 (buy)

Argentinian producer Leonel Castillo drops some heavy and unswerving beats on 1974 released by his Groovear label.

Break SL - Desert Flight (buy)

Break SL first blew me away with his track Trombone on Philpot a few years back. He's been a busy guy since then, most recently dropping some utterly psychotic grooves on the ever imaginative, ever impressive Uncanny Valley.  

Anstam - Intuit (buy)

Anstam on 50 Weapons. A marriage of beauty and insanity. The First Sprout EP really demands everyone's attention....and once it's got it....it won't let go easily. 

Subject - What Happened To You (buy)

Another killer compilation on Stones Throw, The Minimal Waves Vol.2

13 May 2012

Pic: Hannes Iversen

Will Azada - Let's Get Tight (buy)

Will Azada and his Proper Trax label have both been doing their thing to lethal effect for a little while now. This belter is taken from Proper Trax Split Personalities II 12". Azada and Proper Trax latest release is out now in strictly limited numbers, you can grab it here. How good does that b-side sound!!

Felix Lenferink - First Bouree (buy)

Fourth Wave serves up another solid release this time from newcomer Felix Lenferink. Chirpy jams.

CTRLS - Encrypted Sex (buy)

You can always rely on Belgium's Token records for some uncompromising and utterly engaging techno. Lethal!

4 May 2012

Pic: lazingblazer

Ukkonen - Primed (buy)

The mysterious Ukkonen turns out a fantastic 12" on Uncharted Audio. Real icy techno explorations.

RDF - True! (buy)

I spotted a video for this wonderful RDF track a while back, and now the release is out there. Four tracks of pure quality, limited to 300 copies on the O*RS label.

The Monitors - Control (buy)

Daniel Paul & Mathias Weichert - Mathestunde (buy)

Some serious blog love to dish out now. NeoDetroit has turned me on to a lot of really great music since starting up last year, go check it. Above are just two killer tracks I first heard there, both essential listening.

Pyrolator - Danger Cruising Part II

I know I only posted a Pyrolator track the other week, but i'm in love. Further digging led me to this beauty of a bonus track that features on the Ata Tak: Collection Box 1... so much good stuff on there.