17 May 2012

Pic: Antlers WiFi

Williams - I Feel The Shivering (buy)

Plantains - I Feel Love (buy)

First up, some really sad news about the passing of Donna Summer. She inspired us all. Here are two rather special covers/remixes of her signature track I Feel Love. She was loved, she will be loved forever.

Kevin Reynolds - Liasons (buy)

Moving forward we have the amazing Liasons by Kevin Reynolds, this is such an infectious track from him. There's plenty more in store from this Detroit master with releases due on Love What You Feel and L.I.E.S.   Hot stuff

Arab League - Le Coq (buy)

Arab League - Hollywood Goblin (buy)

Stockholm's Universal Rejection put out this blazing debut from Arab League a back in 2011 and have now followed it up with a complete bomb by Disappearer. This is a label to keep an eye on for sure!


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