Mind Grapes

Pic: lazingblazer

The mysterious Ukkonen turns out a fantastic 12" on Uncharted Audio. Real icy techno explorations.

RDF - True! (buy)

I spotted a video for this wonderful RDF track a while back, and now the release is out there. Four tracks of pure quality, limited to 300 copies on the O*RS label.

Some serious blog love to dish out now. NeoDetroit has turned me on to a lot of really great music since starting up last year, go check it. Above are just two killer tracks I first heard there, both essential listening.

I know I only posted a Pyrolator track the other week, but i'm in love. Further digging led me to this beauty of a bonus track that features on the Ata Tak: Collection Box 1... so much good stuff on there.


yibei123 said…
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Jackson said…
serious time signature workout going on in Ukkonen. dope.
Leighton said…
yeah man, that whole EP is seriously solid music...love it!

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