27 July 2012

Pic: Roland MacDonald

Some highly recommended weekend listening. Epic expermental electronica, unremitting analogia and the classiest of dub techno. Enjoy

Touch People - Reality Is Where Your Friends Are 1 (buy)

John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Our Gigantic Mistake (buy)

René Audiard - Landscape (buy)

24 July 2012

Pic: Made In School

Soundtracking the lighter and darker moments of an unpredictable UK summer has been the debut release on Peur Bleue by Gohan. As a blog-cum-label with an unquenchable thirst for music like ourselves it was always going to be interesting to see the fruits of Gohan's labour. The result is an utterly engaging and rather murky trip, taking in organic techno to experimental soundscapes. It's really quite something. You can grab Peur from here. You won't be disappointed.

Gohan - I Found Myself Again In A Dark Wood (buy)

Gohan - AAOOO (buy)

Exercise One and Mathew Jonson? Yes please!.

Exercise One & Mathew Jonson - Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd (buy)

Wrong speed remixes sometimes sound better.

Skail Master M - Strawberry (Beroshima Remix)

16 July 2012

It's really great to present to you a guest mix put together by M50. The Chicago based DJ never disappoints with his impeccable track selection and stellar guests filling the airwaves on a weekly radio show. He has also been putting out records under the Area alias on labels like Ethereal Sound, as well as setting up the Kimochi Sound label - a few tracks of which you'll get to hear on his mix including an upcoming release by Lubin. Tuck in, and enjoy an hour or so of really fine electronic music.

M50 Mix for Keytars & Violins (download)

Jahiliyya Fields - White Cabbage
Lubin - Monotuber
$tinkworx - MKB
Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective - Sugarspoon
Dreamlogicc - Blanx (Accidental Freedom By Area)
Joey Anderson - Join Her
Isolée – The Fantastic Researches Of Yushin Maru
A Guy Called Gerald - Nasty
A Guy Called Gerald - Transition
Bass Clef - Electricty Comes From Other Planets
Shifted Phases - Implosive Regions
Machinedrum - Come1
Dreamlogicc - Equalizer
MadTeo - Miss Tery Flavor
Sensorama - Harz (Born Under A Rhyming Planet Rmx)
Consequence - Dub Bounce
Bjork - Dark Matter (Alva Noto Remodel)
Pub - Film (Springing Daisy's Mix)


The new Modyfier Process Series is seriously good. Never Knows armed with a Roland TR-808 and a table covered in guitar pedals and a one week timescale. These were the results.

Never Knows - Process Part 315 (01 sentiment for sediment)

Never Knows - Process Part 315 (02 fading polaroid)

Never Knows - Process Part 315 (03 this corrosion)

8 July 2012

Pic: Michelle Grabner

A Sagittariun - Wind Tunnel (buy)

Shackleton - (For The) Love Of Weeping (buy)

RVDS - Under The Acid Moon (buy)

An excellent video to a wonderful song.
Glenn Astro - Coloured Sands

1 July 2012

Pic: Jogging
Mark du Mosch - Broke Day (buy)

GB Interprets A Race of Angels - The Main Attraction (buy)

Vedomir - Orthodox Ambient (buy)