28 September 2012

Pic: Jennifer Santschy

So in love with the jams of North Lake.

North Lake - Sanctum (buy)

North Lake - Jus Qu (buy)

North Lake - Is It Dangerous To Go Alone? (buy)

It's just a rush...

Jamie 326 - Bostich Time (buy)

Hungarian cassette release of cold wave material.

Cipolla Varieté - Az ember, aki mindig félt (buy)

Új Látásmód Fúzió & Csermanek Lakótelep - Betonráma (buy)

23 September 2012

Pic: Frieke Janssens

A cold and dark selection for the patient. Atmosphere, subtle groove and haunting moments.

Tase - Come Back (buy)

Bronze Age - Coupling Symbols (buy)

Hironori Takahashi - Outgass (Nax Acid Edit) (buy)

IVF - Celine (buy)

Erosion - 1 (buy)

Pom Pom - 04 (buy)

Pom Pom - 13 (buy)

12 September 2012

Pic: The Modern Library

Into some harder, more repetitive rhythms with this selection.

RNDM - Recover (buy)

Henning Baer - Multicore (buy)

Go Hiyama - Farnsworth House (buy)

Peter van Hoesen - Attribute 39 (buy)

7 September 2012

Pic: Shawn Allen

A few bits you might not have heard, but definitely warrant a listen and further investigation. Great to hear some new stuff on Krakatau by Thomalla. Drvg Cvltvre has just dropped an amazing EP on Viewlexx, check his Soundcloud for tons of free downloads. French label Knotweed is a label quietly going about stunning deep techno from guys like Myles Serge and Myk Derill. Millions Of Moments as ever will bring you something refreshing. And, well, Wishmountain...the work of a crazed Matthew Herbert.

Thomalla - Alftavatn (buy)

Drvg Cvltvre - Them For Tys (buy)

Drvg Cvltvre - Northern Survival Tactics (buy)

Myk Derill - Poetry (buy)

Masafumi Endo - Summer (buy)

Wishmountain - Lucozade (buy)

2 September 2012

Time for another mix, this time served up by long time blog buddy Just Press Play. There's plenty of chugging tunes and delicious slow disco jams to be had here, in a wonderful hour and a bit. Get on it.

Just Press Play Mix For Keytars & Violins 

1 Intro- Dimitri
2 Pye Corner Audio- Electronic Rhythm Number One
3 Cronk Family Enterprises- Put It On
4 Hardway Brothers- Mania Theme (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
5 LCD Soundsystem- 45:33 (Prins Thomas Remix)
6 Dr Dunks- Dunks Got The Answer (Dr Dunks Edit)
7 PillowTalk- The Real Thing
8 Tornado Wallace- Insect Overlords
9 Joakim- Labyrinth
10 Trujillo- Acapulco Gold (Ron Basejam Remix)
11 Rory Phillips- Mover
12 Eros- Eros 3
13 Liars- The Exact Colour of Doubt
14 Outro- Dimitri Angry


Some highly recommended tracks to take us into the September.

TR One - Living In, Now (buy)

Magic Mountain High - A1 (buy)

Magic Mountain High - B1 (buy)

Tuff City Kids - SFS (buy)

Akra - Dust To Dirt (buy)

Heatsick - The Stars Down To Earth (buy)