30 August 2013

Patricia - Waiting For Alexis (buy)

Florian Kupfer - B1

Black Deer - Chief Big Thumb (buy)

HVL - Across The Sun (buy)

Webermichelson - Webermichelson

Alberich - Gold (buy)

23 August 2013

Pic: Sergi Delgado

Making up for lost time.

Gonzalo MD - Black Enemy (buy)

Leisure Connection - Jungle Dancing (buy)

Papers - A1 (buy)

Red 7 - I Lost My Shoes On Acid (buy)

Sleeparchive - Recycle (buy)

21 August 2013

Personable - Series Of Energies (buy)

Lowtec - Drone One (buy)

Forever Sound - Glowworm (buy)

L'Estasi dell'oro - Dichotomous Life (buy)

Untidy - A2 (buy)

Eomac - Myth Of Origins (buy)

Murcof & Philippe Petit - Pegasus (buy)

1 August 2013

It's been a while, so here is a new 17 track mix. Ignore the minor incoherence and indulge the wonderful sounds. Tracklist to follow. 

Electronic music for the discerning dancefloor. Included are the following:

Boys R Us - Cielo Azzurro (buy)

#4.26 - Mages (buy)

Koehler - Technicolour (buy)

Chevel - Teens (buy)

MRSK - Venger (buy)

Cos/Mes - Red Rock (buy)

Spot the odd ones out.