28 January 2015


Pic: Eva Schindling (Cinematic Particles)

Merrin Karras - The Veldt (buy)

Lutto Lento - The Boat That Can Leave Now (buy)

Orbe - Bromothymol Blue (buy)

myr. - Nobody Knows (buy)

Lutto Lento - Prima Porta (buy)

Mick Chillage - Only In My Dreams (buy)

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23 January 2015

Fishermen - Psyko Bath (Club Mix) (buy)

Blacknecks - Don't Dream It Be It (buy)

Enchanté - I Want It (buy)

Art Crime - Release (buy)

Answer Code Request - Transit (buy)

Richard H Kirk - Never Lose Your Shadow (buy)

Broken English Club - Divinity (buy)

Junes - Root Pattern (buy)

An-I - Gutz (buy)

Iron Galaxy - Came & Went (buy)

10 January 2015

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Here is the directory for many years worth of mp3's and images posted


I hope you have enjoyed the ride

It is now my intention to resume normal posting in the coming weeks as we enter a new phase in online music discovery.

The new generation has streaming but we still have MP3.

Thank you for following. If you have any suggestions, ideas or criticisms please direct them to keytarsandviolins@gmail.com where I will be logged in and waiting with renewed enthusiasm.