18 December 2015

Probably the last post for the year

Stanislav Tolkachev - Optical Illusions (buy)

Stasis - Disco 4000 (Witness The Future) (buy)

Spacetravel - Galactic (buy)

Mad Rey - Hard Ferailleurs (buy)

OB Ignitt & Luke Hess - Jefferson Reserve (buy)

Stasis - So-lar (buy)

Obalski - Bumblebee (buy)

Stanislav Tolkachev - Suddenly I Realised (buy)

....as for my favourite song of 2015

Reckonwrong - Hansie

See you on the other side...

1 December 2015

Rings Around Saturn - Gipsy Village (buy)

Stump Valley - Sunshine Hotel (buy)

Max Mcferren - Hunting (buy)

Dust - Moth On Fire (buy)

Inigo Kennedy - Clarion Call (buy)

Dario Zenker - There Is Hope (buy)

J Velez - Hydrocution (buy)

Andrea - Outlines (buy)

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Lose Yourself (buy)

Alvin Aronson - Drone Techno (buy)

Edy Alta - First Sign Of Artifice (buy)