9 October 2006

Dr. Dog's new EP called Takers And Leavers is really quite good, quite good as in not as good as Easy Beat, but still good enough to get me pretty excited about a new album thats's in the pipeline. Here's a taster (close your eyes and its the 1970's)


Dr. Dog - Goner

Dr. Dog - Ain't It Strange

Nathan Fake also managed to get priority placement in my CD player on the way to work today. Drowning In A Sea Of Love released on Border Community is without doubt in my top 4 albums of the year. Some people have slated it, saying Nathan Fake is only good when the word "remix" is in the same sentence. Well thats just untrue! See for yourself, Nathan Fake - Drowning In A Sea Of Love - electronic music release of the year!


Nathan Fake - Stops

Nathan Fake - Grandfathered

Nathan Fake - Superpositions