8 October 2006

Its garage-rock Sunday, now I was getting sick of this post-Libertine style of music, endless imitations with very little variations, but theres a couple of bands that have given me reason to believe that garage rock can still cut it. They are Beautiful New Born Children, who have an album called Hey People out on Domino. Vocalist for BNBC, Michael, is also part of awesome electro-pop outfit Schneider TM, and he is also kptmichigan (yes this is the guy responsible for that genius cover of The Light 3000) and now he is producing some raw rock and roll action! Then there is Right On Dynamite, a Brooklyn based band who again though not coming up with something totally different, do manage to create songs that are just so catchy and downright enjoyable!


Beautiful New Born Children - Do The Do

Right On Dynamite - Pull The Wool