2 October 2006

Monday is, to many/most people, rubbish. To combat the rubbishness of a Monday it is recommended that you listen to healthy dose of Swedish electro-pop, because let's face it when were you unhappy the last time you were listening to some Swedish electro-pop huh huh? It just doesn't happen.

Chris of Hemstad has posted a new Das Kometen track posted on his MySpace called "Face Controle" and it kicks all kinds of posterior, particularly on the 38 second mark where there is a piece of keyboard "wizardry" Smiles all around!

Das Kometen - Face Controle

Familjen is Johan T Karlsson from Stockholm and he makes sugary sweet electro-pop which is most pleasing. He has a self-titled EP out on Adrian Recordings. Here's a sample from Familjen's MySpace.

Familjen - Ivanhoe Och Rebecca

But i'd still prefer Komatrohn anyday oooh yeaaah! Apparently he really really gets into his live shows! And i'd really really like to see that, but he seems to be on a sabbatical right now.

Komatrohn - Fever

Komatrohn - Was It What It Was

Komatrohn - Such A Mistake

Komatrohn - Bice E Scoon (Snable Drakes Remix)

And if it's fantastic design you're after...... Adventure Kid's website is just jam packed full of stylish design, evoking memories of a childhood playing Rainbow Island's on a Commodore Amiga. The site topped off with three bitpoptastic tracks for download including a cover of the following song and video - I'm From Barcelona - "We're From Barcelona" oh how attractive.