5 December 2006

Skullening are a loud and trashy four piece. Sinister organ and fuzzed out bass damage. Vocalist to vocalize while drums smash and pound. To me they sound like a mix of Clinic, Quintron and Les Georges Leningrad all transported back to the 1960's. I love it!

Skullening - Bugs That 'R' Dead

Recently described as "an album you must have in your life" Kitsune Maison 3 Compilation just continues to blow me away!! It's just so so so good, you hear one song and think "AMAZING" then the next song comes on and you're like "WHERE IS THE FILLER ON THIS THING?!?" There is none! It's just pure enjoyment start to finish. Todays favourite is the Freeform Five track.

Freeform Five - Home Wit U

I also enjoyed the new James Bond.