11 January 2007

Shockout is a division of the totally rad Tigerbeat6 label which fuses electronic music together with ragga and dub, now ragga and dub are 34th and 65th respectively in my favourite genres so I would have steered clear if it wasn't for the fact that it was a Tigerbeat6-ish release and that the electronic side of Weed Wid Da Macka (SHOCK15) was played out by Knifehandchop and Modeselektor. Arguably the Knifehandchop stuff on this 12" is better, with beats reminiscent of early 90's rave mixed in with the music off Level 5 of Doom with Ninjaman ragging over the top, techcore for people with big hair.

Knifehandchop feat. Ninjaman - Weed Wid Da Macka (Streets Of Frankfurt Mix)

So yeah if you're liking SebastiAn and Justice and all that, you're going to love this, i'm aware this was released back in June but i've only just gots it so it's all new to me, its datA and his Trop Laser EP out on Ekler'o'Shock , 4 tracks of pure dancefloor rocking French electro! Yeeeeeah!


datA - Paste Back