29 January 2007

So we all love Jackie Chan, and we all loved him just that bit more before he started hanging out in the ghettoes mixing his kung-fu with urban culture a la Rush Hour or Rumble In The Bronx. But what if, just what if he'd made that transition earlier on in his career to go in tandem with say Snake & Crane Arts Of Shaolin or Drunken Master, what would the soundtrack sound like? I'm guessing something like this.

DODDODO - Monzoku Akamaru

DODDODO - Every Day DONER Life

Yes, it's DODDODO. Discovered by Ove Naxx, DODDODO now resides safely in that Osaka noisecore scene we keep reading about and she is one of the protagonists of this sound anarchy regime. Low and dirty beats often taken from 1980's hip-hop tracks are mashed with toy melodies; found sounds, country music and banjos, and gut wrenching vocals. Buy some here.

And whilst on the subject of distortion there is this.

Diamond Rhodesia - Stage 5, The Stars

Diamond Rhodesia - Time Tomb

Diamond Rhodesia is charity shop keyboards, mini synthesizers, homemade electric guitars, Mr Rhythm machines and other miscellaneous crap all fed through an unlucky computers mic-in socket whilst under watchful supervision from that flying dog Falcor. The sound created is tops.... like Max Tundra thumb-wrestling Think About Life with BMSR refereeing , or CFTPA giving an underwater piggyback to Errors. GR8!!!. More songs on his MySpace.

My friend also kindly pointed out this alluring synth-pop classic from 1982 in the shape of Imagination, the video to "Just An Illusion" is just full of dance moves to learn in time for the weekend, and it's an amazing song to boot! Get those snake hips moving!

  • Thanks for posting me son, I love the comparison to errors, i still can't believe the LACK of people in the UK who know about them, they're hot potataz xxxx

    By Blogger Aaron, at 2:51 am  
  • Glad to post it squire!

    Amen to Errors appreciation, see their new video it's like a Matt Le Tissier free-kick from 30 yards out, amazing!


    By Blogger Leighton, at 9:39 pm  
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