19 January 2007

Get these down your Ruud Gullit!

Some Communist-Bloc Rocking Beats from Russia courtesy of Proxy, these beats were then faxed across to a Riot In Belgium where the end product was nothing short of magnificent! You simply must get the Proxy EP out on Turbo, you need it! NEED!

Proxy - Destroy (Riot In Belgium Remix)(REMOVED)(GET IT HERE)

Erstwhile, over in France dDamage melted his messed up techno sound and gave it to Krazy Baldhead to swallow it down like a hot steamin' cup 'o' chai tea. Mental cut up techhhh;; but then what else can you expect off a Tigerbeat6 Compilation called Let's Lazertag Sometime?

dDamage - Ink 808 (Krazy Baldhead Mix)