14 January 2007

Does the weather play a part in what kind of musical mood you are in? I'm thinking yes, the weather has been pretty dismal this past week, and my last.fm stats tell me that Chromatics and Eluvium have made up the majority of songs listened to, now this is no bad thing because Chromatics and Eluvium are both agonizingly amazing, but I dunno, their songs just seem to tie in nicely with rain and cold and breeze. Today however the low pressure and the clouds have vanished, replaced by that ridiculously bright winter sunshine that makes driving a pain in the colonel, and it's really mild too......if I was Michael Fish i'd say the weather was happy! So what am I listening to in this happy weather? Well coincidence or not i've found myself drawn to the likes of ironopopsters Hey Willpower, Sally Shapiro and White Williams. All so brilliant...

White Williams - Headlines

Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (Rude 66 808 Remix)

That White Williams song is just soooo good, nostalgic yet fresh, firm yet enticing.