9 January 2007

Huzzah, i'm back after some 'technical difficulties'. The electric cooker in my house shorted the electrics which in turn Gary Glittered my modem, then I was too lazy to go and get a new one, plus people were celebrating that end of year thing so nowhere was open like. Plus i've been busy tearing it up on the wheels of steel for some friends, then seeing how it's really done courtesy of Erol, and also printing the above image onto unsuspecting t-shirts.

Music wise, still loving the whole cut up French electro thing, proof is here with the young boy Surkin and his fantastic Ghetto Obsession, then also on Institubes is the first official mixtape from TTC's dj and producer entitled The Rise And Rise Of, it features garden shedloads of quality blends and exclusives etc. I'm particularly loving the Mekon 'Yes, yes y'all' Duke Dumont remix.

Surkin - Ghetto Obsession

Mekon - Yes, Yes Y'all (Duke Dumont Remix)

His MySpace gots lots of other rad sounds too.

Pluxus have been getting some good play around my house too, they're an electronic outfit from Stockhom and have a new album called Solid State, solid it is. They have developed a unique sound using vintage synthesizers, samples, computers and other machines. Top brass.

Pluxus - Bootstrap

MP3 links prior to this post no longer seem to be working, so i've just changed my filehost, so all should be swell from now.