24 January 2007

Ever rediscover great albums you heard circa 2004? It's happened to me twice this week in the form of Eyeball Skeleton's self-titled Smoosh smashing kiddycore romp, and then Creative Playthings by Electric Company, glitchtronica in the vein of Stars As Eyes or Team Doyobi.

Eyeball Skeleton is made up of 8 year old JJ Brown (guitar, vocals), his 10 year old brother Charlie Brown (bass, vocals) and their father (drums). The name is a result of the two brothers thinking. JJ thought of "Eyeball" and Charlie thought of "Skeleton" so they combined them. Charlie described their method for writing lyrics as "We draw pictures and then we come up with names and lyrics about what we draw." Could it get any better than this. I THINK NOT!

Eyeball Skeleton - Eyeball Skeleton

Eyeball Skeleton - Smokey Turtle

Get the album HERE

Electric Company aka Brad Laner has done like 10 albums, i've not heard them all but Creative Playthings seems to be the most accessible of them, varying styles, beats, genres and techniques don't get in the way of making this a really great listen. File under TV theme tunes from the foreseeable future.

Electric Company - The Crab Eating Fox

Electric Company - Early Teeth

Also, Dot To Dot 2007 tickets are on sale now, it is on Sunday 27th May in the city of Nottingham, guaranteed great live acts brought to you by Liar's Club and co. Be there.

picture - shoboshobo