20 February 2007

Crash Course In Science - imaginers of lo-fi electronic music purely out of necessity way back in 1979 - Now Planete Rouge Records have got Vitalic and David Caretta on the job of remixing what in hindsight, I think were an act way ahead of their time.

Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb (Original)

--------------------------------------------------- - -

Killer remix award goes to Lillica Libertine!'s rendition of Dead Kids 'Fear and Fluoride'. This kind of filthy electro-house really is a joy to behold, for one its flippin' MEGA, and for two, as has been denoted elsewhere it really is this kind of electro that re-instills my love for a genre which is fast becoming what *inverted-comma* indie *inverted-comma* has become..... overground. BZZ BZZ

Dead Kids - Fear And Fluoride (Lillica Libertine's Tried And Tested Remix)

pic: benfrostisdead