25 February 2007

Les Petits Pilous are yet another product of the burgeoning French electro movement that's sweeping it's way ever so gracefully across the cities. These guys have got the backing of Boys Noize who have just put out their first E.P. on their Boys Noize Records label. Expect heavy beats, mass distortion, crescendos by the bucket and tunes that would kill any decent dancefloor.


Les Petits Pilous - E Lec Tronic

I can't put how fun Eats Tapes new album Dos Mutantes is:

"Eats Tapes triumphantly returns with ten relentless brain smashers! Dos Mutantes is the second full-length CD from San Francisco's Eats Tapes. Using a battery of hardware sequencers, synths, modified drum machines, cassette players and a midi Nintendo, Eats Tapes specializes in noisey, spazzy techno bangers with irresistable hooks. Fusing a variety of influences, they comfortably straddle the Bay Area's myriad club, psychedelic noise, and art rock scenes. Album opener "No Part Name" lays down the genetically modified blueprint for what's to come. Techno tropes devolve into a mutant acid strain, as tasty bass chunks recombine with scalp-scalding nintendo noise and searing feedback. Letting up midway for "Lemon Drop," a midtempo house groover, and a down-home studio hoedown called "Band Practice," the assault resumes "Full Blast" into smokin' guest licks by psychedelic shredder Nate Boyce (matmos) on "I've Become Cretin." This Multimedia onslaught also features radioactive wrap-around 6 panel digipak cover artwork drawn by mutant mastermind Mat Brinkman. and a mac or pc viewable Tenderizer video by Nate Boyce." - Tigerbeat6

So yeah, it's pretty good, what else do you expect from Tigerbeat6?


Eats Tapes - NOS


The Blow - Eats Tapes Remix