10 March 2007

It's good to be home amongst the fat, ugly and poorly styled, it makes me feel better about myself. Gothenburg was a real nice city, full of attractive boys and girls, a surprising amount of McDonald's, Burger King's and Pizza Hut's. Too, there was noticeable presence of young children and babies being pushed in prams, a fertile place indeed so it seems. It was just a shame the weather was most inclement pretty much all of the time, and that the place i'd been most looking forward to checking out, Röda Sten was not fully open. But it was a worthwhile visit nonetheless, and somewhere i'd recommend visiting if you like chillaxed cities with an industrial marine heritage, nice clothes shops, record stores, drinkeries etc. When my camera film is developed i'll post up a picture or two perhaps like.

Gothenburg has got some really good music too, from the fantasticly frantic big-beat sounds of Hemstad ---------> to the infectious stylistical FischerSpooner meets Gwen Stefani meets The Knife electro-pop-electro of Zeigeist ---------> to the charmingly disarming Yann Tiersen-esque sounds of Detektivbyran. The place has a bright future....

Hemstad - Patrik Sjoberg

Zeigeist - Dawn/Night

Detektivbyran - Hemvagen

Video: Hemstad - Kaserntorgets Charkdisco