27 March 2007

Pic: Little People

French law student crafts wonderful electronic-pop.

Last. fm wiki states that "Numéro#
is the simple but efficient reunion of pierr crube and Jérôme Rocipon. The duo quickly developed an orignal identity full of surprises. Jérôme Rocipon is French but has been living in Montreal since 2003. He experimented few musical projects while studying law and communication. He experimented electro music under the name of Junior Tricolore, but never used it. pierre crube, Canadian, has been living in Montreal since 2001. He started by meeting members of Natacha's Recording who let him get his first live experience, but everything really began in 2003 when he recorded his first album "Immediate False Relief under the name of Angelika Kohlermann. This first album gets noticed by its deviant electronic pop. In June 2005, Jérôme approched Pierre after having discovered him in a duo with Hypo, and proposed him to produce his compositions. Step by step, Pierre remixed his creations in a catchy euro-pop. This association became more and more natural, and Numéro# was born."

L'ideologie des Stars is the the most recent
Numéro# release, and it is everything that a well crafted pop album should be..... easy listening, danceable, chillaxable, and above all else, memorable. It's been a constant on my pod recently, summers a coming, and it's kind of like what Lo-Fi-FNK's tunes were doing to me this time last year. So I guess this is for fans of the ridiculously young looking Lo-Fi-FNK.


Numéro# - Hit-Pop

Numéro# - Star Model

  • you've got such a gift to sum up a whole life..

    Nuémro# is doing some good music

    if you could post more of them tracks, it would be great

    By Blogger cedoukob, at 11:29 am  
  • Does numéro# have an album out?
    they're an amazing band

    By Anonymous rich, at 5:25 pm  
  • Agreed, these guys are amazing and i'm so happy that they've made it onto the new Kitsune compilation. They've had an album called L'ideologie des Stars out since back end of last year. It's all excellent.

    By Blogger Leighton, at 9:52 pm  
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