12 March 2007

I remember early 2005 like it was yesterday, I remember hearing Vitalic's OK Cowboy for the first time and grinning from ear to ear at the pure thumping it was giving me, nothing did beat them beats that year. Deja vu experience, early 2007 and it's another grinning from ear to ear scenario from another act on the guaranteed goodness of Citizen Records. Teenage Bad Girl is French duo Guillaume Manbell & Greg Kazubski hailing from Paris, and like many fellow city-mates, the sound produced is heavy bass, mass distortion, catchy catchy tunes - in summation, think Ed Banger meets Vitalic and you'll be there or there abouts, ecky pecky this is brilliant, Cocotte could well be up there in the same ilk as OK Cowboy! Get the album off the Citizen Webstore.

Teenage Bad Girl - Tales From The Pigs

Then on the other side of the pond there's those Trouble & Bass heroes doing it their way. Drop The Lime deserves a beef medallion for his shonky heavy bass, he just keeps going strength to strength. I was pretty much brought up on Europes 'Final Countdown' but this, this is so much better than anything my dad was addicted to back in the 80's.

Drop The Lime - The Final Crackdown! (Slam Dunk And Phatcamp VIP Mix)

Dot To Dot 2007 line-up is taking shape and it looks nothing short of splenderous. TAKE A LOOK HERE, buy your ticket, see you there.

Drop The Lime music video: