5 April 2007

April is upon us already. Roll on discount Easter Eggs next week!

Dynasty's 2004 self-titled release remains one of my fave Tigerbeat6 releases to date. One part of Dynasty, Jibz Cameron AKA Dynasty Handbag does solo stuff too, more electro, more balladic than the music produced with Dynasty, Dynasty Handbag will not cure headaches, her screechy vocals penetrate, while the synths persuade.... firm but enticing stuff.


Dynasty Handbag - Fading Away

2003 saw the demise of Add N To (X). Their memory lives on. I see them cited everywhere as influences to more recent acts, and it's no wonder really, they were so so good. I may be wrong in thinking this, but to my knowledge they were the first in cool independent music being used for mobile phone networks. Here's a few of my favourite Add N To (X) tracks.


Add N To (X) - Fyuz

Add N To (X) - Oh Yeah, Oh No

Add N To (X) - Plug Me In

A lucky friend of mine told me earlier on he's just booked a flight to Melbourne, seconds later I told him to go to an Acid Jacks DJ set while he's there. Acid Jacks are good.


Acid Jacks - Pump It Up

And finally, legendary Swedish indie-pop label Labrador celebrate their 100th release and 10 years as a label with an exclusive 4 CD Box with one song from each release ever. 100 songs + thick booklet with Labrador history and interview, comments on each track, the bands list their Labrador favourites and more. It's a relative smorgasbord of inspirational indie-pop from the finest purveyors of pop music, the Swedes. You can pre-listen the whole 100 tracks, and download a fair few of the tracks via this LINK

  • love the dynasty album. when i spoke to Indra at a recent numbers show, she said they are trying to put an album together soon.

    By Blogger pj, at 10:24 pm  
  • Oh mate how good would that be! I sure hope they do do some new material (preferably produced by Gold Chains again). Lucky you, i've still never got round to seeing Numbers live, every time they play near me i've had prior arrangements. One day! I class Indra as my favourite drummer, but it may be infatuation.

    Fingers crossed for new Dynasty! Thanks

    By Blogger Leighton, at 8:14 pm  
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