11 April 2007

Quite why i've never checked out Slagsmålsklubben sooner I don't know, their sound is right up my cul-de-sac. They're 6 well loved blip-bloppers from Norrköping. The name Slagsmålsklubben is a Swedish translation of the title of the movie Fight Club. It is pronouced in English as "slawgs-mawls-club-en". They make really quite exquisite, intricate, manually operated bit-pop, and well it's a whole hunka fun. Their 4th album Boss for Leader has just got released and is tops!! I won't use the old cliche that it's like playing Super Mario 3 with only one life left, because it's not, this is 16-bit stuff, maybe even 32. This is music, good honest music, to make the heart rejoice on a perfect Spring day like today.


Slagsmålsklubben - Sponsored By Destiny

I normally shy away from posting about stuff that's readily available on Hype Machine. But sometimes stuff is too good not to mention. The stuff i'm on about is The Field, his album From Here We Go Sublime is nigh on bliss, label it what you what, i'm plumping for ambient-trance. Start to finish the album is unskippable despite its seeming repetitiveness, just can't get enough. One of my favourites of the year so far.


The Field - Silent

The Field - Everyday

And for your dose of authentic sounding 1980's synth-pop. Future Conditional is a new project from Piano Magic's Glen Johnson and Cedric Pin and along with a whole host of friendly collaborators (Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague), Bobby Wratten (Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars), Angele David-Guillou (Klima/Piano Magic), Carolyn Allen (The Wake) and Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby)) they have come up with what could easily pass for an obscure synth-pop album circa 1981. The album is entitled We Don't Just Disappear and it's straight up enjoyable retrolectro fun and games rolled up into 10 tracks.


Future Conditional - The Switchboard Girl

Numbers One to Twenty was a mixtape I was told to do for someone I didn't know, with the theme of numbers. Being the unoriginal so and so I am, I simply put songs with numbers in their title and zipped it up. You may enjoy.

Here's the tracklist:

Numbers - I'm Shy

Bit by Bats
- One Six One

Zoo Brazil
- Two Steps Back

- The Three Days Blow

- Henderson Four

- Five

Six Organs of Admittance
- Bless Your Blood

- One More Than Six

John Dahlback
- Eight To Five

Frightened Rabbit
- Square 9

Mice Parade
- The Last Ten Homes

Majascule P
- Take 11

- 12 16

- Din 13

Susumu Yokota
- 3D 14

- The 15th

- Sweet Sixteen

- Seventeen

Electric Company
- Eighteen Hard Feelings

The Harlem Shakes
- Nineteen

. - Happyfour Twenty

DOWNLOADABLE HERE in .zip format with separate tracks.

I'm well aware of bits of filler contained within. But there's some real neat tunes in tharr, spanning the genres of IDM / post-rock / techno.