20 April 2007

Sorry about lack of content past few days, have been down in London, catching up etc, also we hit the Generic Indie Band Crawl in Camden last night, fun was had, but only at stupid o'clock when Goose went audio-mental on the crowd to great effect, followed by more of the excellent same by Autokratz an act who you owe it to yourself to check out! But prior to that really was a tad of a let down, queues longer than a really long thing, acts of questionable quality. I like Popular Workshop, they played. Foals were Klaxons minus neon plus Moog. I was really looking forward to Black Ghosts, but live they just didn't do it for me, although we did come up with a theory that the real Black Ghosts were ill and the only last minute replacements that could be found were the Mitchell brothers. Hadouken! were everything a live act should be, energetic and loud, only the loudness had a detrimental effect on the vocals, could hardly understand them which is a terrible shame when their lyrics are as good as they come. Ho hum. I'll stick a picture or two from it whent films developed.

Good indie is still good.

Popular Workshop - Channels

Now the other year I was obsessed with this song called Folder by Plastic Operator, as we all know, obsessions fade. Obsession has been rekindled though, Plastic Folder are releasing an album pretty soon, some of the tracks are on their space and from the sounds of it, it will be an electro-pop gem.

Plastic Operator - Home 0207

Here's the really quite neato video to Folder

Actor/Model are a Melbourne three-piece band with a lo-fi, high energy philosophy, utilising cheap toy keyboards and synths, old beat-up guitars and inventive, pounding drums to construct simple, beat-driven pop songs with fabulistic melodies and pleasuristic soundscapes. I won't even say what or who the following song reminds me of. I will say it's all good, very very good!

Actor/Model - S.S. Slapper

Oh and if you want a laugh any time, just take a look at the front cover of any lifestyle magazine e.g. Nuts, Closer. Some of the stories they carry include:

"100 Real Girls Boobs Inside"

"Big Brother Danielle Heartbreak As Teddy Dumps Again"

This is what 83% of the population male and female read.