25 April 2007

Monikers and aliases among musicians have often left me feeling stupid when entering conversation about music: "Well, actually, it's the same guy...." (in a condescending you should have known that fool tone) "Oh..." I reply. We've all been there, and to be honest it upsets me. Plus sides of monikers and aliases? Well it allows the artist to re-invent himself and his sound, sometimes the result can be great.

kiD Alex are Andi and Alex who are also PUZIQUe, Andi is also D.I.M. and Alex is also Boys Noize, confused? You should be. Now listen.


Boys Noize - Kill The Kid

PUZIQUe - Relax!

kiD Alex - Loverboy

And go listen to D.I.M. on his MySpace, Airbus Baby has the heaviest bass you will ever hear.

And another one, Hakan Libdo's Data 80 alias..... lovely electro-pop, not the usual from him.


Data 80 - You Are Always On My Mind

Then this is something which has fascinated me all day at work, totally not music related. Hashima is a small island near Nagasaki. It was developed in the early 1900s to mine the coal underneath it and in 1959 the population of Hashima reached its peak of 5,259 - an astonishing 1,391 people per 10,000 square metres 1959, making it the the most densely populated place on earth even down until today where even Warabi, a Tokyo bedtown and the most densely populated city in modern Japan, notches up only 141 people per 10,000 square metres. In 1974 the coal mine was closed and shortly after the island was abandoned. Today, travel to it is prohibited. This is a video from a chap who was brought up on the island. Eerie stuff!

  • I recommend Carl Michael von Hausswolff's film Hashima if you haven't seen it already - a tour of the island using still shots that slowly fade into each other and a minimal soundscape, it's fantastic and super atmospheric.

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