29 May 2007

Back after a jolly bank holiday away. Did this and that, this being sat by fires in the middle of nowhere, that being attending a washed out Dot To Dot festival. Much fun was had. Dot To Dot was great, musical highlights being a raucous Kap Bambino set, Slagsmalsklubben kicking organic sound into touch, and the cliche fat gangster type (in the nicest possible way) from Chromeo operating his vocoder through his keyboard and achieving the most incredible sound <3. Oh and Battles' Atlas being played through it's entirity in a DJ set.

DAT Politics have taken over my car stereo and stuff. I was just thinking how incredibly talented they are, probably not given near enough credit for its difficulty, yes the art of composing electronic music is a fine art indeed. Way to go guys. CAUTION: the following song is infectious and fun.

DAT Politics - Dizzy Zip

That's a fine art I have nowhere near ever perfected. This once I made a song, it was the only song I ever made, I feel bad even calling it a song really. The moniker was the only half decent thing about the whole effort. I bring you the musical failing of myself - Weekly Thompson - file under dreamy blip-blop.

Weekly Thompson - Tykes

Moving on to things of much finer quality, there's the split release on Arcade Mode of Bobmo and Jean Nipon. Nipon's track Raw Deal features what I believe is a sample of every kid my ages childhood, the voice of "SEEEEGAAA" when you cranked up your Megadrive. Good times.

Jean Nipon - Raw Deal

  • Foreign Islands are on tour now!

    May 31 - Brooklyn, NY - Club Europa
    June 1 - Philadelphia - Jonny Brenda's
    June 14 - Brooklyn, NY - Luna Lounge
    June 15 - NYC - Museum of Natural History

    By Anonymous Fenway Recordings, at 5:27 pm  
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