1 May 2007

Back from Dirty Three's ATP weekend which was everything I was expecting and perhaps even a smidgen better. Highlights included swimming, playing football, going to the beach at sunrise because we were locked out, meeting Cat Power and being mistaken for someone else by her, standing next to Joanna Newsom whilst watching D3 and trying to catch a glimpse of her fingers, Warren Ellis' long-legged kicks, being impressed by fantastic sets by Yann Tiersen, Joanna Newsom, A Silver Mt Zion and Low just to name a few.

Now as far from harps, cellos, and all other things alike, going back a while I remember hearing some stuff by an electropop outfit from Sweden called Assid, their was this track (see below) in particular which stood out to me. It gave nod to a legendary 70's hip-hop song. Then more recently i've heard fellow Swede's Soviac who are impressive in a you remind me of Revl9n that's good kind of way. Anyway Assid have remixed Soviac's new single and there is resultant splendor. Get the single HERE.


Soviac - I Got The Ribbah (Assid Remix)

Assid - A.S.S.I.D.

Then to tone down the pop side of electronic music, there is this, equally electronic yet totally different in sound. Neil Scrivin is influenced by food, toys, obscure charity shop tapes, books about UFOs, nostalgia, being miserable, being happy, and most notably by the 1970s & 1980s as the sound he creates reminds you of those educational videos that you were sometimes lucky enough to sit and watch some sunny afternoons at primary school. Interesting and evoking downtempo electronica. Oh so good.


Scrivin - Phenomena

From there if we pick up the tempo we come to Das Glow. Das Glow is a French act with obvious influences from the German techno scene. On the hipper than hip French label Institubes, Das Glow guarantees the two B's, bass and beats. the following is one of Das Glow's easier going tunes. Highly recommended. Das Glow EP available HERE.


Das Glow - Cathedrale

  • atp was fantastic... better than i thought too... i loved the venue, especially since i went thinking it couldn't possibly work...

    By Blogger Loki, at 8:53 pm  
  • in total agreement..... at first when i saw the size of the pavilion, i was a bit upset, but the quality sound produced by the likes of Low and ASMZ was just awesome. upset I can't make VS The Fans, but roll on next year!

    By Blogger Leighton, at 11:09 pm  
  • Hey, thanks for mentioning me. I've recently added some new (and very different) tracks to my page.

    By Anonymous Scrivin, at 7:22 pm  
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