23 May 2007

Justin Timberlake is one pop-star who I don't mind shoving on at a party, his beats (or whoever makes them) are some of the best around, and the lyrics, well, I don't pay much notice, just dance. Geordie man Riton did this mix of Timberlake's Sexy Back and renamed it Dexy Brokeback, he's taken what was already an ace tune, and retuned it for the dancefloor, squelchy bass etc. Fantastic. Get the 12" HERE

Riton - Dexy Brokeback

Hyperbubble is perhaps a cliche name for an act that sounds somewhere in between Freezepop and Ladytron. Boy and girl - Jess and Jeff lay down some fine synth-pop tunes with great aplomb and are bound to strike a chord with any lover of Freezepop, Ladytron, et al.

Hyperbubble - Syntesthesia

Imagine my great joy when I discovered that my favourite Swedish instrumental blip-bloppers Slagsmålsklubben had been added to play at Dot To Dot on Sunday! I cannot wait to see these guys!

Slagsmålsklubben - Borg Of Hate

Now off to watch the football.... I heard Jan Molby passed a late fitness test, Liverpool will definitely win!