24 May 2007

San Serac has been getting a bit of blog coverage of late, a one man show that sounds like a 1980's stage show musical, San Serac's charming voice along with cheesy riffs aplenty combine to funk up your face leaving you wanting a bit more. The album Professional is available HERE. Highly recommended.

San Serac - Command Shift Sexy

San Serac - Teenage Wildlife

That hip musical chameleon Kap10Kurt has put out another track, Mastah Of Puppettes. Once again he delivers the dance beats and 8-bit treats this time with a tinge of urbanicity, yea!

Kap10Kurt - Mastah Of Puppettes

I didn't realise those anti-popsters Best Fwends had made so many tracks, I thought the 7" of theirs I had was about as far as it went, however Moshi Moshi are releasing their efforts in alpabetical order - 33 tracks in total, most of which roll in at around the 1 minute 30 mark...... perfect for short attention spans.

Best Fwends - House Ghost