30 May 2007

A pleasant surprise was to be had when I first heard Ming & Ping's MP2 album about 18months ago, it's synthpoppy goodness kept me sane during a week working in Birmingham (there are no pretty girls in Birmingham officially) Anyway, identical twins Ming & Ping are back with a new album called Causeway Army, basically it's just more of the same soft spoken electro-pop goodness. Fans include me, and FischerSpooner. Get the album here or here

Ming & Ping - Electricity

The Projects have got a wonderful EP out on Track & Field, I can't really sum them up any better than BK really: This latest EP from The Projects will be most notable to readers of these pages for the delectable Broadcast remix of 'Accidents Will Happen', but there's more than that to recommend this EP. Lisa Rosendahl's vocals are spellbinding throughout, maintaining a deadpan sense of new wave cool throughout while steady, uninflected guitars motor on around her. 'New Fun' stands out as an especially pleasing approximation of Stereolab's signature sounds, and alongside that superb Broadcast remix provides ample reason for you to invest. Gettable here.

The Projects - Accidents Will Happen (Broadcast Remix)

I'm going to see of Montreal on Friday! Can't wait, really I can't. I also heard something about them maybe doing a DJ set as well, I would like that, failing that I just hope people dance with reckless abandon y'know, to stuff like The Party's Crashing Us etc etc.

of Montreal - Climb The Ladder (Rory Phillips Remix)

Most beautiful act of media of the day goes to The Dead Texan. This is Aegina Airlines

The Dead Texan - Aegina Airlines

Video of same song

  • "No pretty girls in Birmingham" says Leighton...and then he posts a Broadcast remix. Trish is like totally hott, dude.

    By Blogger Mathew Lee, at 12:48 pm  
  • Oh what a faux pas I have committed..... actually.... I find that her fringe is the only aesthetically redeeming feature about her, then again I am stupidly fussy and single as a result.


    By Blogger Leighton, at 10:28 pm  
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