18 May 2007

Sorry for Eggdisk going down and taking all mp3s down except for yesterdays post. I hope they fix it and the tracks come back. I'm using FileXoom for now.

As way of an apology, and to show how bleep my love is for you all, I shall let you in on a little Crystal Castles yo. Same beats, more vocoder. YUMMM..

Crystal Castles - Insecticon

The other day I stumbled upont Megapeng. They bring German Casiocore enthusiasm at full pelt right in your face. Comparisons include Le Tigre on Speed, The Chicks disco dancing with Bis and Gravy Train. DIY-pop done well. Now dance.

Megapeng - Rauberhohle

  • I've come on this blog quite a few times and every time, floods of beauty fell down my ears. What is this magic?

    By Blogger Crame, at 4:37 pm  
  • The band is called Räuberhöhle!

    Megapeng is an electropunk label from Berlin!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:20 pm  
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