4 May 2007

I love natural sounding 8-bit noise. Cheap Dinosaurs do it to good effect here. I like Cheap Dinosaurs. It's like playing Zelda on your 1989 model Gameboy with headphones on, and maybe one of those stick on lights 'cos you're supposed to be sleeping in bed.


Cheap Dinosaurs - Pxl Beech

Now for your weekend dose of super dope beats, Dada Life. I like their philosophy, it goes something like this: Destroy dance music and have fun. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. Don’t think too much. Always follow the money.


Dada Life - We Do Have A Plan REMOVED

and whilst talking about Dada Life I just can't resist sticking in the outrageously good Linus Loves remix of Big Time, beautiful, dancefloor slaying bit-pop forever!

Dada Life - Big Time (Linus Loves Mix)REMOVED

Not electronic based, but still with amazingness in common, there is this song by Pete And The Pirates, who are essentially Tap Tap. Anyway this is Pete And The Pirates version of She Doesn't Belong which you may have heard on Tap Tap's smash hit album.... as regards which version came first I could not tell you, and it's far too late for me to be delving deep to find the chronological order of these songs. I don't know which version I prefer, ask me in 12 years, maybe you can make your own mind up quicker than me though.


Pete And The Pirates - She Doesn't Belong

Tap Tap - She Doesn't Belong

Reet, have a nice weekend etc..... Digitalism and friends on Sunday

.....quite good.