17 May 2007

So yeah, I had about 8 minutes free time at work today, which I used to readjust the blog image a bit, not sure if I like it or not though.

Damero's album Happy In Grey out on BPitch Control is perfect for dancing lying down. Like BPC boss-woman Ellen Allien, this is IDM with femininity, and I love it.

Damero - Things Gone (feat. Headkit)

Sticking with girls and electronics. Olga Kouklaki is a girl. Also DJ, also producer of fine songs. You may have heard her featuring on a Poni Hoax song called Budapest a while ago. Olga was born november 1979 in Athens, Greece. She started playing the piano at the age of 8 and have been involved with music since. While doing her classical music studies, curiosity brought her into the electronic scene. She started DJing in Greek bars and clubs and learns more about music production. September 2001 she moved to Paris, DJing, taking courses in interior design and contemporary music. Just recently she's released an EP entitled Get A Life which features this remix by Black Strobe.

Olga Kouklaki - Get A Life (Black Strobe Remix)

The Bloody Beetroots can seemingly do no wrong at the moment, from deconstructing and remixing the heck out of everything, to producing their own brand of 'disco-rtion'. Their hard synths and catchy keyboard riffs will send you into rhythmic convulsions. They're set to destroy dancefloors across Europe in the coming months, check their page for dates/times/locations. <3<3<3

The Bloody Beetroots - Harvest Time