14 June 2007

Last week I went shopping for a suit. I went into Reiss, I knew they already had fine garments there, but I just was not expecting nice music to boot, one of my favourite acts of recent months Thieves Like Us were playing all the while I was in there, that really impressed me. I'd love to work in retail and get to choose the songs that play in the background. But anyway, Thieves Like Us, pretty good? Darned excellent! And i'm not usually one to look favourably upon acts with iconic artists song titles for a name. Creating a fuss near you pretty soon, and deservedly so.

Thieves Like Us - Headlong Into Night (alt link)

Thieves Like Us - Fass (alt link)

Thieves Like Us - Program Of The First Part
(alt link)

When I heard Human Puppets minimal synth madness it conjured up memories of listening to Martin Rev years ago, I liked that a lot.

Human Puppets - Heartbeat (alt link)

And for you Hype Machine fans, there's a new kid on the block, JiwaMusic. It's similar in that it aggregates all mp3 blogs like myself and the better ones, but it beats Hype Machine hands down in the fact that you can search for your favourite full-length tracks posted by your favourite blogs, then bundle the tracks into an embeddable player and create your own unique playlist full of upto 100 full-length tracks, ideal for your MySpace or whatever.

This is a quick and quite predictable one I made whilst bored at work today.

  • predictable yes, but none the less bangers

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:03 pm  
  • i heard justice in armani exchange once... it was strange.

    By Anonymous nicko, at 9:35 pm  
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