10 June 2007

Sorry about the brief hiatus. Been snowed under this week with real-life commitments and the like. Alas, I am back, back with simple oscillator movements, persistent beats and general goodness. Roman Salzger is a top purveyor of German tech-house. Get all of his fine recordings from Beatport

Roman Salzger - 12bit Dancer

I always love recommendations from friends, particularly friends with ace taste. Recently I was told to check out Mansbestfriend (aka Anticon's rapper Sole) You should too. His album Poly.sci.187 is a very solid and thoroughly enjoyable body of sample laden hip-hop/electronica. Get it HERE.

Mansbestfriend - High Noon And Sobered

With the new Alan Braxe and Kris Menace track Lumberjack floating around that I can't get enough of recently I thought it'd be appropriate to let you know that I love Alan Braxe and that him and Fred Falke made one of my favouritest songs ever. It goes like this....

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Rubicon

  • Yeah! Rubicon shreds. I remember back when I first got the record we called it the number one summer jam of 2004. I think it was 04. Whenever it was, that guitar shredding at the end is the frenchiest.

    rubicon summer 2006 bonus mix

    By Blogger Tyler Fedchuk, at 11:22 pm  
  • ooooh yeeeah... rap sounds 24% better with a backing track like that!

    Ace. Thxx

    By Blogger Leighton, at 6:09 pm  
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