4 June 2007

*Be Patient With MP3 Links - They're Taking A While To Respond*

So last post I brought up a remix done by Phil Kieran, he makes one-third of Irish techno-electro-metal act Alloy Mental, their sound will please everyone the ravers, the goths and the indie kids. Their 'We Have Control' LP is out and they're out about about in the UK in the summer months!

Alloy Mental - Fortunate One

Alloy Mental - Alloy Mental

Now for some retro space-age stuff with Bogdan Irkuk, nostalgic slO-mO italO discO perfect for your Sunday evening at home relaxing before settling down to watch Heartbeat.........TV is dead (see below) Anyway, Bogdan is Bulgarian and has The Distant EP available for your listening pleasure.

Bogdan Irkuk - Curare

Here's one of my most listened songs recently, it has been posted elsewhere, but it is worthy of infinite postings. Khan you feel it?

Khan - Favor After Favor

So yeah, i've never really been an avid TV viewer with the exception of Neighbours. But now there's TV on demand.... I signed up to Joost, it turns a computer into an instant on-demand TV without any need for additional set top box and for free, just great if your an occasional viewer like me. Also it look's really really swish (style-over substance and all that) sign up HERE. There's a few indie-ish channels and some nice documentaries.... if you're into that. Or plenty of vacuousness.

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