20 June 2007

The last I heard, Karin Dreijer was pregnant, that will be one kool kid. But if The Knife was pregnant and had a child it would give birth to something very artistic as well as tuneful, yes i'm on about the darlings of Gothenburg/Berlin, Zeigeist. They're pretty much amazing and apparently if you catch them live they are double ace!

Zeigeist - Giving You Up (alt link)

The next song was a release a few years ago on Kitsune's Midnight meanderings, it's by Parisians Archigram, the song Padre features Goldfrappish vocal hums and a harpischord circa 1498 A.D. all topped off with a confident beat. Good stuff!

Archigram - Padre
(alt link)

Stumbled across Australian Pop Compilation 2002 again recently, it's so fun and nice (my two favourite descriptive words) Personal highlight off this comp for me is not your Boyracers or Lucksmiths, but Fog And Ocean and their cutesy lo-fi electropop ballad Wave And A Sigh.

Fog And Ocean - Wave And A Sigh (alt link)

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