22 June 2007

French science fiction comedy has never been the top of my favoured film genres, i'm more of a Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan romance type. But having heard of the soundtrack to Steak done by Tellier, Oizo and SebastiAn it might be worth me press-ganging one of my French speaking friends into watching it with me and telling me if it's any good. The soundtrack certainly is. Sounds like a more funky Neverending Story soundtrack in parts. Available HERE.

Tellier, Oizo and SebastiAn - C.H.I.V.E.R.S.
(alt link)

Part of The Neverending Story soundtrack was actually composed by the father of disco, Giorgio Moroder, who believe it or not in addition to laying down the grooves also designed his own ultimate super-luxury, super-performance sports car back in the 1980's. However, world recession put paid to any hopes of the car being produced for real.

Giorgio Moroder - First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love (alt link)