5 July 2007

More grunt than an American muscle car. Just what I need before going for a game of squash. Teenage Bad Girl certainly do pack a punch, previously I have made the obvious Vitalic meets Jackson And His Computer Band comparisons..... but i'm sorry guys, you deserve better than that. Cocotte is an incomparable piece of modern French electro. You can have your Crosses. You can have your Attacks, Decays and Sustains.... right now this is what I want.

Teenage Bad Girl - Break Out The Wheel
(alt link)

Italian's Do It Better's After Dark compilation went down a storm with Pitchfork, and although I don't always agree with their ratings, this time it was spot on, a collection of songs by Glass Candy, Chromatics, Indeep, Mirage, Farah and Professer Genius that really does prove to be quite a refreshing listen, far removed from the current 'in' trends found within electronic music, it's dreamy, it's slow, some call it Italo. Get your copy HERE.

Glass Candy - The Chameleon (alt link)